Open Sesame – Secret Cellar: Brendan Rodrigues

I have never been to Secret Cellar before and I was slightly confused where the theatre was upon entering into the bar area but discovered the hidden theatre later after having one of the Secret Vaults delicious cocktails.


The whole bar area is quite unique with its slight gothic feel of gargoyles statues and other unique décor set in around the bar. There are also seating areas all dotted around in unique secluded areas making it feel a bit more special if you are in a party of approx. 6 to 8 people. I especially loved the tree house which featured stained glass windows within the area.


Whilst there and after sipping on my cocktail the bookshelf then mystically slides open and a member of staff then pops out from behind and announces that the Secret Cellar is now open.
I walked upon down the darkly lit stairs into a very dimmed lit stage area that had three rows of chairs giving the whole place a very intimate feel. The seating is on a first come first serve basis so I opted to sit in the front as I love magic and love being involved.


Photos of Brendan supplied by Secret Cellar

Brendan Rodrigues is an extremely highly skilled and very stylish magician with his gold belt buckle, gold shoes and embroidered black jacket. Brendan has won many awards with his latest being for the Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year 2016 and has ever appeared on television such as The One Show (BBC1) and The Next Great Magician (ITV).

Photos of Brendan supplied by Secret Cellar

The tricks he performed on the night were spectacular I was literally blown away. Without giving too much away in the sort of tricks he performs the ones that I really was impressed by were:

  • Mobile phone – he literally pulled a red handkerchief through the phone.
  • Cocktail shaker – making a cocktail and then suddenly the cocktail shaker ends up floating the in air
  • Card trick – merged two signed cards by a couple from the audience together and could not see the join at all that fixed both signed cards together
  • Coins – He made coins appear so effectively like they came out of thin air
  • Ball – He moved a heavy crystal ball around in his hands and fingers like it was a feather

I would highly recommend you see his show before it goes ‘poof’ (13-17 September) as it was spell bounding in fact by the end of the night I think he put a spell on me as I had fallen in love with Brendan. Has he placed a love spell on me as I was in awe.


After seeing Brendan for my first time and being blown away by his skills and trickery I had to give him an interview after.

Picture1.pngIf you don’t get the chance to see Brendan in this short run he will be doing other dates at Secret Cellar at a later stage. However there are plenty of other magicians to see perform at this intimate stage.  See the latest schedule of magician via clicking here.

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