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Went along courtesy of Queens to experience their newly branded place for a game of bowling, iceskating and some food from MEATliquor. Firstly I was not impressed as when I arrived and went up to the reception area they did not have my booking down however after a while we came to an arrangement even though I was not impressed with the lateness of when we could start to bowl.

Queens Meatliquor



So in the meantime me and my friends from the community of Love Pop Ups London went to eat at MEATliquor before bowling. They are open seven days a week, 364 days a year and features an 80 cover diner style restaurant as well as a 200-capacity lounge bar. The full menu is served from midday till 11pm on weekdays and until midnight at weekends. There is also a pool table, fruit machines, table football, darts and they show SKY sports/BBC matches in the restaurant/bar area. I ordered a burger and some fries and I was impressed by the thickness of the burgers and quality. It was just how a burger should be it was fit for a Queen. My friends also ordered burgers but they also ordered some onion rings and they were literally the size of a large doughnut. If you don’t however have time to have a sit down meal beforehand or after you can actually order food and eat whilst you play a game of bowling at your lane.


Now onto the bowling, yabba dabba do! There are 12 lanes which have been rebuilt from the ground up, with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure safe & slow ball returns. The thing though for me is that the skittles are held up with strings never seen this before. Also even though the columns and area was decorated with graffiti looking style wallpaper most of it was peeling off making the bowling alley looked a tad run down. However on to bowling, let’s bowl. I found the balls not to be very smooth and I did not like how the skittles were on strings sometimes I felt the strings held them up a little bit too much when there was a slight hit on a skittle in which I feel should have fell over. Even though fun and we all enjoyed it I unfortunately lost in fact I came in last place, as the Queen would say, one is not amused!


Onto iceskating I did not skate as the night was getting on and I had to get back home so I just watched my friends skate for a bit before I skated on off to my castle, I mean home. The iceskating rink was an impressive size of 12,000 ft2 one of the biggest I have seen in London and was super white but then that is because apparently they paint the ice which is odd. So I left my friends to skate the night away.


Even though I enjoyed my time eventually despite the mishap with the booking at the beginning I am not sure if I would go back to this bowling alley only due to the fact I felt it was quite shabby in places and I did not like the idea of the skittles being on strings. However if I wanted to ice skate I think I probably would return to use that facility.


Thank you to Queens for letting me and others for the experience. All views are my own honest opinion.

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