Drink goggles on, party shoes on, check – Drake and Morgans: The Listing

I had the privilege of going along to the launch night of Drake and Morgans newest bar & restaurant The Listing which is based in Cannon Street last week on 9th November. This is now Drake and Morgans 19th bar & restaurant.

Drake and Morgans: The Listing

The launch party was being held on the ground floor in the main bar and restaurant area. The party was heaving with people but that did not matter as the two storied building with wrap around windows gave you views from in/out of the restaurant making the whole place seem open leading us not to feel claustrophobic. I went along with my blogger friends Steve and KimDeli and rooftop

Whilst there me and Kim got a sneak peak at the Deli upstairs away from the party so we went on a mini private tour. Upon going up the stairs there are several male statues sitting on them which gave the place an arty feel and I thought this was quite niche. The Deli I must admit is one of the nicest I have seen.  It is very modern, open spaced and had very nice comfy looking seats draped over with luxury blankets to wrap up in if cold. What a great area to relax and sit back and sip on a coffee and enjoy a pastry or two be it in the morning, a break away from work or just to chill. The pastries on display all looked really tempting especially the croissants as they were huge the biggest I have ever seen.

I also heard about their rooftop area that has a hot tub, yes that’s right a hot tug I wish I had got to go up and use it as I love hot tubs and I am sure if Steve knew about it he would of been straight up there as well.  I found out about the hot tub via Sian and David of Summertime Raw (vloggers) who was also there on the launch night.  Watch their video by clicking here for a peek at the rooftop plus much more. Anyway me and Kim was not allowed to stay up in the Deli for long to chill so it was back on down to the party.

Dining and bar area

So myself and my blogger friends Steve and Kim we got our drinking goggles on, party shoes on and got stuck into it. The party was heaving which really gave the night a real buzz and energy. There was so much food, endless drinks including mulled wine being served all night and even a mini kiosk with a man serving various cocktails.  I even got to try Rekorderlig’s new Cider Premium spice plum and now I am hooked and on the hunt for it in the shops. This is me below with my friend Steve I may of had one two many drinks by this stage vodka, gin, mulled wine, cider mmmm I have lost track.

I also loved that the kitchen is an open kitchen so I could see all the chefs busy at work. The canapes on the night were mini fish and chips, burgers, sausages on polenta (devils on horseback) and bread coated shrimps.  The desserts consisted of brownies and huge marshmallows two types (a mint version and a alcoholic version). The chefs just kept on cooking and producing these delicious bites all throughout the night with out kicking a sweat so hats off to them.

However I discovered later on during the night that these canapes are not on the menu and were made for this special launch night only.  So it would be great to go back and sample some of the food that they usually cook and serve in the restaurant as I was very impressed with the canape food in itself so I should imagine the actual restaurant food will be outstanding. It really will be great to experience the beautiful surroundings of the building and outside on another night with friends/family and sit back and whilst enjoying a meal and a glass of wine.

Glamazing Glitter lady

Also whilst at the party I discovered over near the corner a very lovely young lady Laura of Glamazing Glitter making everyone look sparkalicious so I just had to get my face done and at same time convince my friends to as well.

The night now was at the end and I staggered on out dawned with my sparkles on my face and being London no one even raised an eye lid when I hopped on the tube and train back home but then this is London.


So final verdict this is a great venue, very beautiful and modern and is a great place to escape to for a soak in the hot tub on the roof, the Deli upstairs for a coffee or a meal in the restaurant with friends/family or even a gossip at the bar with work colleagues after work whatever you do this place will leave you leaving smiling.  I’m sure this place will be very popular all throughout the day.

Drake and Morgans: The Listing is open on weekdays from 7:30am till late and weekends are available for private hire. To check out their menus and events click here.

Drake and Morgans The Listing Steve, me, Kim, Sian and Dave

Read Steve and Kim’s blogs via here


  1. wheresmytent says:

    Looks great! I love anything with a bit of glitter. Agree it would have been nice for you to try their menu food as well so we know what to expect on a normal night! Jessi x

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