Who needs the real South Pole? – South Pole Saloon in Brixton

South Pole Saloon is Christmas.

With Christmas just round the corner what a top way to start any festive celebration off by sipping on martinis and cocktails whilst also grabbing a selfie or two with the Sweet Candy Cane girls, Ice King and the Frozen Ice Queen of Brixton.

I had the pleasure of attending the launch night of South Pole Saloon which is back for it’s second time being bigger and better.


South Pole Saloon

Upon entering through the entrance of the South Pole Saloon you firstly see a big bar area full of festive cheer and many benches to sit with your friends.  There is also eight private Candy Cane Cabins and three VIP Winter themed lodges which you can hire.  So you and your elves, pixies, angels or whomever you may hang with can party the night away in private. Not even Santa will know if you’ve been naughty or nice in these hangouts.

The bars

There are three bars in total serving plenty of festive drinks from cocktails to beers. One of the bars purely is dedicated for Espresso Martini’s.  Which drink will you be swigging back?

For me it had to be a Snow Globe and a Santa’s Tart, one or two Espresso Martinis, even an Aunt Sallys ale and mmmm let’s just say I lost count of what I had at this stage. However all the drink I had were all very tasty.  So whatever you like and whatever your mood, there is certainly a drink to get anyone’s taste buds tingling with excitement.

Food stands

There is also plenty of food stands selling scrummy food with no brussels in sight, yay. The eateries are Mac to the Future (for cheese lovers), Fancy Funkin Chicken (for chicken lovers), Vudu Food (for people who love spicy food) and finally The Lambassadors (for lamb lovers).  Any of these will leave you salivating and most certainly Santa Claus as he must get bored with Mince Pies year upon year.

I am a cheese lover so I totally had to have the cheesy toasty from Mac to the Future and it certainly did not disappoint with so much cheese filled in between two slices of toasted sour bread it was cheese heaven for any future traveller! My friend had the Mac n Cheese.


For all you dancers out there you won’t be disappointed as there are two main dance areas with DJ’s and live music being played.  Either area will certainly get you up and moving your feet and hips like a hyper Rudolph or smooth slow moving Santa Claus.  I loved the live music of the saxophone player I found him mesmerising.



As this was a launch night they had some girls there called the Glitter Tits in which you could get your face painted up by them with glitter so I just had to get sparkled on up as I just love glitter plus so did my friend Steve.


Also on the night they had a festive party game in which people had to wrap your team mate up as a present. So Steve wrapped me up along with Glitter Tit girls and they then shuffled me onto the stage in where they said I was a Dildo. So I moved from side to side and jumped up and down like a vibrating dildo ready for some Christmas action.


Alas though my moves did not win me the prize of a bottle of Gin, boo! for a man won whom was let’s say in his birthday suit showing his baubles and carrot?


Whatever you decide to do on the night at this festive venue you will certainly get a great vibe and with so much food and drink your halos will surely come crashing off your heads and wicked smiles will appear on your face like a naughty pixie.  So escape the busy streets of London and get your wings on as it is time to get your party shoes on for a festive time.

Be quick as it will be flying off back to the North Pole on 28th January.



  1. Josh at LOOKDWN.com says:

    This sounds like great fun. I’ve still not been to Brixton Rooftop and have been meaning to try Fancy Funkin’ Chicken for ages too. I did love Mac to the Future when I had their Mac and cheese at a food festival by the tower of London a few months ago. Sorry you didn’t win the gin but good effort from you and Steve. I like the video round-up.

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