Be dazzled – Magical Lantern Winter 2017

Magical Lantern is a great way to start the festivities off this Winter as it certainly makes me feel full of joy and gets me in a festive spirit as I am sure it will do for many others.

It returns for it’s third year (24 Nov 2017 – 1 Jan 2018) to the lovely grounds of Chiswick House & Gardens in London this time with the supposedly theme of Christmas. The nearest stations are Turnham Green station and Chiswick Overground station. Entry to Magical Lantern for an adult costs £14.00 weekday and £15.50 during the weekend. For children it costs £10 weekday and £11.50 during the weekend (prices correct at the time).However if you book in advance you will get a few extra pounds off plus you will secure your entrance for the day.  You might think that is quite steep but believe me it is not as there are approximately 100 lanterns to see during your walk around the wonderful Chiswick grounds plus there are street food stands, drink stands, a Santa’s grotto and even a mini fairground with the much loved Dodgems all within the grounds.

Magical Lantern first half of journey

This time I went along with some other members of Love Pop Ups London community. Firstly you start off by walking down a long path dawned with many different looking snowmen and soldiers before coming to the entrance/box office where you’ll see a wonderful scene of Santa and his sleigh along with his magical reindeer getting ready to obviously fly off and deliver all the toys to boys and girls and big kids alike their Christmas presents at midnight on Christmas Eve.

Magical Lantern Santa and presents

Once you pass the box office it was now time for me to go and explore the wonderful magical lanterns that are on offer this year.

Initially I thought the whole event would be Christmas themed as with the previous years there has been themes but this one seemed a bit of a mish mash as after half way through even though still beautiful the scenes did not make sense in some cases. I will explain further.

In the first half of my journey I saw many scenes such as Noah’s Arc and scenes from the wonderful Disney classics such as 101 Dalmatians, A Bug’s Life  and others but I won’t mention anymore as that is for you to see and figure out which famous cartoons they come from. Even though beautiful the Disney scenes does this really relate to Christmas in my opinion?

Magical Lantern Bugs Life

Plus in-between the scenes there was lanterns in shapes of animals and birds such as peacocks, parrots, squirrels etc don’t get me wrong I loved these as I love animals and birds but it did not make sense why they were dotted in-between the Disney scenes!

Half way point time to eat

After the half way point you come to some food/drink stands selling mulled wine and marshmallows which you can toast.  I always have to buy one of these gorgeous tasting huge marshmallows (£1.50 each) when I get here and this time I opted for the raspberry and gin flavoured one.

The fire pit has changed this year though with it being a circle and not rectangle and the first was down much lower so was quite hard to toast my marshmallow and I found this new style was more dangerous than other years so children were struggling to cook theirs.  Anyhow the marshmallow tasted great like always with the very sweet tasting raspberry coming through and hintness of the gin making it a very boozy delicious tasting marshmallow indeed. Now with my sweet tooth satisfied it was onto the second half of my magical journey.

Second half of journey

This is where I was quite disappointed as everything now really was becoming a mish mash of lanterns such as The Ancient City from the Song of Dynasty, chess pieces, surfers on a crest of a wave, teapots etc. all which did not make sense why together and at this festive festival event. So even though nice they were not my cup of tea.  However some members of Love Pop Ups London really did enjoy the second half more than the first.

The fairground and food stands

At the end there is one final surprise and it is several pairs of wings in which you can pose and take a selfie of yourself making it look like you have grown bright coloured lit up wings (you can opt for blue or pink).

Magical Lantern me and wings

I am now a Christmas angel.

You are then confronted with many food/drink stands selling Mulled Wine to the great German sausage. So if you are hungry you will not be spoilt for choice. I tried an ostrich burger from the Ostrich stand and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised as it tasted a bit like beef and was very moist I highly recommend you try one if you have not done so before. There are as I mentioned earlier in my blog some fairground rides as well such as the Dodgems which you can go on at a small cost.

My verdict

Out of the whole festival my top three scenes/lanterns are:

  • Noahs Ark – as I love animals,
  • parrot/macaw – large, stunning and very colourful, and finally
  • the dolphins next to the lake as I loved the reflection in the water.

So even though I may be a bit confused from the theme this year as it seemed very mish mash I did still enjoy myself and I do highly recommend to anyone as is very magical I just wish though they would of kept to more of a theme throughout.

However I will like always be looking forward to the next one as it is a magical experience.

How to book

Be quick though if you want to be wowed by these magical colourful lanterns as it is only running until the 1st January 2018.

To find out more and book tickets for the London festival click here.

Magical Lantern me and others from Love Pop Ups London community

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold,
 everything is softer and more beautiful. ” ― Norman Vincent Peale

and Magical Lantern surely does do that.


Thanks to Magical Lantern for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come along. The experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs from the other community members whom joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Magical Lantern Christmas Theme

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