Cuban Love – Little Havana

I have never been very adventurous when it comes to food but in my later years I am becoming more adventurous and trying out new cuisine.  So with this being my first ever taste of Cuban food I thought what a better way than to try it at the new Little Havana restaurant that recently opened up in October 2017 situated on Inverness Street in Camden.

Raul Jerez is the man who has brought the authentic Cuban flavours to London in which you will be able to experience at Little Havana the great authentic Cuban cuisine and delicious cocktails with plenty of rum ones to choose from of course.  Plus as well as food and drink Little Havana lays on many Latin House nights (on certain nights) and salsa classes (on Tuesdays).

The food consists of such favourites from the infamous Cuban Sandwich to Pan fried Red snapper and many dishes with black beans.  To see the full menu click here.

For my food on the night I had:

Croquetas De Bacalao – salt cod fritters


These balls of delight looked so cute and tasted marvellous. It was a bit like a mini fish cake in a way but round and crispier on the outside with some amazing citrus type sauces dotted around on the plate giving it even more of a wow factor.

El Pollo Criollo Del Pio Pio – free range half chicken Cuban style served with avocado salad, steamed rice sautéed onions and black beans


What can I say but wow my eyes lit up with delight when I saw this dish with the massive pieces of chicken and salad.  The portion was huge with the food literally falling of my plate.  The taste of the chicken was outstanding and had a slight tanginess and the meat literally was falling off the bone as it was moist and succulent.  Every bite was a piece of Cuban heaven.  Even some of my blogger friends from Love Pop Ups – London could not stop nicking some of my chicken as that is how good it was.

The cocktails I had and drank on the night were all fruity ones as I love fruit style cocktails. I had:

Louisiana Lemon drop – citron grey goose, triple sec, sugar syrup, lemon juice, orange zest in a salt rimmed glass, shaken.

I love lemons and sharpness so this cocktail certainly did hit my senses and taste buds all in the right places literally making my tongue dance salsa style.  So fresh and sharp with the saltiness of the rim giving it another edge. With the atmosphere of the restaurant and the crustiness of the cocktail it made me feel like I was on holiday and not in London for a split moment.

Photo 29-11-2017, 19 03 41

Strawberry Daiquiri 

I love strawberries and always order strawberry Daiquiris especially when I am on holiday so this certainly had to be tried and it surely did not disappoint.  Full of flavour and a great texture to the whole drink just like how a proper Strawberry Daiquiri should be.

Whatever the time of day you will not be disappointed if you go to Little Havana.  You certainly will have a great time with it’s lively atmosphere and great tasting Cuban food. You certainly will be salsa dancing on out of here with a very huge smile on your face.

Thank you to Little Havana for the delicious food and experience I certainly will be returning in the future.

To find out more about Little Havana click here.

Photo 29-11-2017, 20 48 43

To read the other members blogs/reviews/vlogs who joint me on the night from Love Pop Ups – London click via here.

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