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Hello! Welcome to the Pop Up Screens. Pop Up Screens returns this winter with a Christmas theme. I had the pleasure to go along to a press night with fellow bloggers of ‘Love Pop Ups – London’ community to see the classic Christmas movie ‘The Muppets Christmas Carol’.

Me and some bloggers from Love Pop Ups - London
Gemma, me, Laura and Charlotte

Many pop up cinemas are set outside but thankfully this one was set inside in Hackney Showrooms. You will be transported into a wintery world from the off to watch one of the many famous classic Christmas movies which they are showing during December.

Firstly before entering into the bar or screening area you come across a display board with many different sayings that you can take selfies with my best being “I’ll be hanging around the mistletoe…”

I'll be hanging around the mistletoe
I’ll be hanging around the mistletoe

I then went to the bar area to get a festive mulled wine and some sweet popcorn. If you don’t fancy mulled wine or popcorn they also sell other drinks like hot chocolate as well as sweets.

Popcorn time
Popcorn time

“try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup or in this case popcorn, chocolate, fizzy drinks and hot chocolate”.

I then stepped into an old style fashioned living room where there were two gentlemen reading some stories and poetry it was quite interesting listening to them. I wish there was an open log fire as I would off easily sat down and listened to more but the film was going to start soon so I had to move on otherwise I would have been left in the living room “home alone”.

Me and the magical wardrobe
Me and the magical wardrobe

So I adventured through the magical wardrobe passing through a number of fur coats that were hung up and I was then transported into a magical world of Narnia (well similar). There was snow everywhere and even snow falling from above, there was even an old-fashioned lamp post plus a few fake snow covered pine trees.

So “First we’ll make snow angels”. After playing in the snow for a bit creating snow angels and throwing snow at my fellow blogger friends I then entered into the screening room.  My husband shouts out beforehand Your hair it’s turning white“.

In the screening room which was still very much themed with snow everywhere and the screen being framed with cut outs of snow covered trees made it feel very festive. There was plenty of seating to choose from and all seats were like chairs you would get at a school assembly but the back row had higher seating so I chose those as this way I could then see over everyone and not have someone’s head in my way. I felt like Kermit on a high seat though with my legs dangling. Perhaps though some cushions and blankets would have been good as the seats after a while became uncomfortable and it was pretty cold in there but despite that the sound and picture of the screen is sharp which made it a joy to watch.

I have not seen ‘The Muppets Christmas Carol’ for over ten years now so it was so much fun to watch and I felt like singing as “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” but maybe not in a cinema screening. I love the story of Scrooge as I love the many visits from the ghosts he gets and then obviously the ending is the best part as he changes into a better man shame his visiting from ghosts though were in his older years as he has wasted so much time just worrying about money.

Trust me though spending money on any of the movies that ‘Pop Up Screens’ are showing over this festive period is money well spent.

So check out the full festive movies ‘Pop Up Screens’ has to offer and sledge on down there. You will come out full of festive joy and smiling as we all “just like to smile”.

To book click here.

“Good Work, Pop Up Screens” I thoroughly enjoyed my time even though I was picking snow out of my hair all night long and in the morning but then I should of not attempted a snow angel in the fake snow.

Here is a vlog on my time at ‘Pop Up Screens’.

So now with Christmas being fast upon us here is “my speech! Here’s my Christmas speech. Ahem”.

The Muppets Christmas Carol
The Muppets Christmas Carol

“Thank you all, and Merry Christmas.”

Plus did you spot throughout my blog which quotes/sayings came from which classic Christmas movie and character?

Thanks to Pop Up Screen for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down to watch Muppets.  The experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs from the other community members whom joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

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