RSVP – The Wedding Reception by Interactive Theatre International

I was cordially invited to Kate and Will’s The Wedding Reception by the Interactive Theatre International which was held at 4* Kingsway Hall Hotel in London.

The Wedding Reception by the Interactive Theatre International 

Interactive Theatre International brings to London The Wedding Reception. This is a hilarious immersive highly interactive show which has 5* reviews from around the world.

The creator and director of Faulty Towers The Dining Experience, Alison Pollard-Mansergh, had celebrated huge success with this dining show and wanted to bring out an entirely different show using a similar format. So in 2014 she was assisted by two of the talented comedy actors, Rebecca Norris and David Tremaine and between them they developed the idea of The Wedding Reception all adding character traits and gags to the script. In May 2015 the show had its first public airing at Sussex CCC during Brighton Fringe. And in August that same year came the show’s biggest test and that was at it’s first Edinburgh Fringe. The show was a success. August 2016 saw the show at it’s second Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a proper run this time, given that it was now better developed and ready for a more public stage. The show was a hit achieving outstanding reviews from around the world from the press and punters alike whom all loved the mad-cap comedy which is full of love, laughter and tantrums. Since then the show has gone on national tours, playing at various hotels and theatres around the UK. All the time, the show and the characters are constantly developing, changing and updating.


The Wedding Reception

So I was lucky enough to get invited to attend the last performance in the 4* Kingsway Hall Hotel in London’s Covent Garden on the 16 December but that is only because it is moving going on UK tour and returning to London next Spring. Hotel to be confirmed nearer time. For tickets click here.

Like any hotel though it is most certainly the perfect venue for any wedding reception but this is no ordinary wedding after all. This receptions had fraught affairs filled with danger as families get together to celebrate the happy moment of Will and Kate’s wedding.

This show is highly hilarious immersive and highly interactive.  So we the audience are the guests at the wedding and we are there to celebrate the marriage of William and Kate.

The bar and reception

Without giving too much away I will only mention a few things that happen during this reception.

Firstly we get to know a few characters in the bar area before entering into the main dining room where the whole reception will take place. I got to meet Ricky whom is Will’s best man, Kate’s mother and the wedding planner. During this time Ricky goes around asking everyone if they are here on behalf of the groom or bride plus he will ask how long do you think the grooms speech will last and whomever is closer will win a prize. I chose around seven minutes.

At 8pm we are all eventually seated in the dining room at our tables. They are set with bread rolls and decorated like a real wedding reception with confetti and favours being sweet heart sweets. During this point when we are sat down we are then told that this reception is actually a surprise and that Will and Kate know nothing about it as they are just expecting a quite intimate wedding.

The Wedding Reception - The married couple

The Wedding Reception – The married couple

So before Will and Kate walked in we were told to grab some confetti to congratulate them as they come in. Here comes the bride. So confetti in hand we had to throw the confetti towards the bride and groom alas though as I was right on the other side of the room my confetti didn’t go anywhere near them went over the other guests around me instead.

So the night begins and there is plenty of audience participation with the guests whom we all soon start to join in the fun as the chaos unfolds.

For instance the bride gets her hair caught in her father’s flies, the best man’s speech is a complete disaster, Ricky gets a bit high, Will’s drunken mother arrives unannounced creating uproar along with so many other family related issues.

There is even an appearance of grandma but not as you think. Even when it comes to the boutique of flowers to be thrown us ladies all huddle frantically into a crowd to catch the wedding boutique on this occasion a man caught it and he was very pleased with himself.

After eating cake it then ends with the traditional first dance by the Bride and Groom but with a bit of a difference. Then the dance floor opens to all guests and we all get up and dance along with the family before Will and Kate depart onto their honeymoon.

Me and the wedding planner

Me and the wedding planner


Like at any wedding reception there is also food.



We were served a 3 course menu starting with a mozzarella and tomato salad with balsamic glaze. I really liked this simple salad and all the ingredients were very fresh.



For the main course it was chicken served along with potato, French beans and carrots. Loved the chicken but not so much the potato as they were quite hard.



For the dessert I was expecting wedding cake but it was just a piece of sponge cake, lemon I think which I did not particularly enjoy. So this certainly was not the icing on the cake.

Just don’t expect though a Michelin style dinner or even a very hot one at that as it is not but even though is still tasted good and I am quite fussy.


The actors on the night play their multiple roles fantastically.  As there is in fact only four highly talented actors on the whole night that play multiple characters throughout covering a total of nine. This is fantastically done with some amazing quick costume changes. This is why you don’t always see the characters all together. Each character is lovable in their own right played out by highly skilled actors with a great mix of tantrums, singing, dancing and great fun!

It is all very highly spontaneous with clever improvisations, a terrific script and perfect comedy timing. There is so much going on there is something that everyone most probably can relate to.

As mentioned before there is also a lot of interaction from audience members as well as some are given parts to play and soon we all end up being like one happy family well sort of. I was sat at table 9 and we did not get any interaction from the characters on our table whatsoever which was a shame as I really like getting involved. I feel that all other tables though did get interaction from the various characters and picked on so this was a tad disappointing as I really wanted to get involved on the night.

The Wedding Reception - Poster

The Wedding Reception – Poster

The whole night costs £43 per person which is reasonable for a show and a meal which is great value especially in London.

So if you love wedding receptions and love slapstick comedy then this is a very highly amusing interactive dining theatre performance you must RSVP. One wedding brings another.

“You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you,
and then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.”

To RSVP for The Wedding Reception click here.

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