My top 3 popped up places of 2017 along with guest bloggers

Taste of LondonThere has been so many various different temporary and permanent popped up restaurants, supperclubs, bars, exhibitions, shows, escape rooms, gigs and even events in London over 2017 all of which have been unique, fun and interesting in their own right. With there being so many I thought I would look back along with guest bloggers and list personally my top 3 popped up places and theirs of last year.

My top 3 

With there being so many new temporary and permanent places in London over 2017 it was hard to choose which has been my personal top 3 favourites but as I love magic, food and movies I decided upon these:

1. Secret Cellar London

I just love magic and intimate stages so when I was invited by Secret Cellar London to see one of their shows I literally jumped to the chance.  Secret Cellar is based in a bar down in the cellar in London Waterloo area. From time to time in the cellar they have various magic shows and comedy shows. At present I have only been once but I will certainly return soon. I love the fact how the area is small with only four rows of seating so it was very cosey down in the cellar and it felt like a living room.  If you are sitting in the front row you will obviously get a full close up experience of the magic. When I went along I had the pleasure in seeing the awe inspiring magician Brendan Rodrigues who is a highly skilled and very stylish magician. Brendan has won many awards such as the Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year award in 2016.  He really blew me away with his impressive slight of hand magic and I will most certainly see him again if he came back to perform. In my opinion Secret Cellar is one of the most intimate stages you can see a magician in London.  To see which shows they are showing at present click here.

2. Halal Festival

Halal Festival

I went along to this particular festival as I wanted to learn more about Halal food and the religion so this was a great way for me and others to learn more.  It was nice to know that all animals have to be slaughtered in a humane way. This to me was nice to learn as I love animals but unfortunately at the same time I do love my meat.  I wish that all animals in the world are treated humanely and slaughtered in a nice way but unfortunately they are not.  I also learnt that the Halal lifestyle is becoming more popular each day in England that more and more supermarkets are buying in Halal food products for consumers to buy from the shelf which is great. You can also buy Halal alcohol which is 0.0% but they really do taste like you are drinking real alcohol even though you are not. So if you would like to learn more and/or even taste Halal food/drink then be sure not to miss this festival when it returns to London in 2018.

3. Taste Film

Taste Film

Taste Film is a great way to see a classic movie being played whilst eating at certain moments throughout the film.  I had the pleasure to go along and experience one.  I saw the movie Sex in the City and I was impressed from the moment I walked in.  Firstly I was given a Cosmopolitan cocktail in which I have never had before and I loved it as it was so fruity and tangy. Then I was led upstairs to the restaurant in where you get to watch the film.  We all sat down and then was given a menu listing of what we will be served and at what moments during the film.  For instance the starters (potatoe gnocchi with prawns) was served after 12 minutes which was a labelled as a ‘Girl’s Brunch’. This was when the girls in the movie was having brunch.  39 minutes into the movie ‘Carrie and Gig’s rehearsal dinner’ we was presented our dinner (rack of lamb) and so on.  So all meals were spaced out nicely across the evening and all the dishes matched really well with certain scenes from the film.  Since I last went they have showed many other classic movies from Hook to Lost Boys.  I really loved this unique take on seeing a classic movie along with a meal and so this is why I will most certainly be returning in the future. Also if you would like to see which future events they will be doing click here.

GUEST BLOGGERS top 3 popped up places of 2017 

Meg of No Mean Feast her top 3 

For me 2017 was a very food-filled one and I spent a lot of my time eating and drinking my way around London! It was really difficult to pick just 3 but here are my favourite pop ups of 2017.

1. Taste of London

Taste London

One of the most well-known pop ups in the food world in London, for good reason. I love that restaurants go to so much effort to create special, miniature dishes for the festival and every year I’m introduced to flavours and concepts that I’ve not had before. We were lucky enough that it was beautifully sunny this year and I had some amazing dishes including a sticky beef short rib from Bala Baya and Balls & Co’s squid ink arancini with chorizo crumb.

2. Godiva x Gingerline launch party


I was lucky enough to win tickets for the new Godiva chocolate range launch earlier this year. As a huge chocoholic, this was exciting enough but then I found out the launch evening was being done in collaboration with Gingerline, the immersive dining experience company. The night itself was so much fun, there was such a mix of people and we all chatted our way through the evening surrounded by dancers, walls and ceilings that changed colour in between courses and food that was as theatrical as it was tasty. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to try the full Gingerline experience in January.

3. Kerb does Alchemy, Southbank


I’m a big fan of Kerb’s street food events, they always have a great mix of established traders and new discoveries. In the Summer they had a weekend event called “Kerb does Alchemy” outside at the Southbank Centre. It was a market showcasing the incredible flavours of South East Asia, so we drank lots of different Asian-inspired cocktails (including a Punjabi Pimms!), ate chocolate chilli and chai doughnuts and lots of spicy Roti. It was a baking hot day and with the music and buzzing atmosphere it was the perfect Summer’s day.


Katie of What’s Katie Doing her top 3

1. African supper club with Lerato & WeFiFo

WeFiFo Lerato

I went along to an African Supper Club courtesy of Love Pop Ups – London which was hosted by Lerato and run via WeFiFo. I loved this event as it combined my passion for travel and eating my way around a country, with meeting new people and making new friends. The atmosphere at this supper club spread over 2 large tables of people was very friendly and Lerato herself was very welcoming! The food was delicious and quite photogenic.

2. GoBoat in Paddington

Katie GoBoat

GoBoat was a memorable outing as it was a boatful of bloggers! It was great to meet others in the Love Pop Ups – London community and we had a lot of laughs, having ‘crashed’ a few times as well getting stuck in thick weeds! Being covered in hummus was offset by trying some new gin and tonic drinks from Fentimans.

3. Pierre Marcolini ice cream pop up


Now this was the perfect summer pop up. We actually had some nice weather in London and so going to review an ice cream pop up was perfect. I loved the flavours and it was fun to mix and match with toppings and to dip my own ice cream!


Emily of London City Calling her top 3

1. London Food Month Night Market

June is my second favorite month of the year in London (beaten only by December), and not just because it’s the beginning of summer. June is London Food Month, and with this comes a whole variety of amazing foodie events and pop-ups. The London Night Market was a 5-day pop-up Food market in Perks Field in Kensington this year, with a wide selection of London’s best restaurants and Street food serving up samples of their delicious dishes. There was also a beautiful central pop-up bar with a colorful umbrella-covered roof and live entertainment.

2. NUNdos


NUNdos was London’s first nun-powered eatery which popped up in the heart of Shoreditch for one weekend this October (get the pun now?). Guests were served a hearty meal of soup and biscuits by The Daughters of Divine Charity (an order of Roman Catholic religious sisters), who also joined the communal candle-lit tables for some conversation and self reflection over dinner. The stint came in the run-up to the launch of new Channel 5 series ‘Bad Habits, Holy Orders’, a show which saw 5 selfie-obsessed millennials live in a working convent with the sisters for 4 weeks. This was truly a unique experience and such an interesting way to spend an evening out in London.

3. McCain’s ROASTaurant


Pic’n’mix meat and trimmings, all you can eat roast potatoes and 6 different types of gravy on tap… what more could you possibly want? McCains’s ROASTaurant in Shoreditch this December was the ultimate way to start the Christmas festivities, and definitely one of my favorite pop-ups of the year.


Rhian of Rhian Westbury her top 3 pop ups

 The best pop ups I went to in 2017 was:

The gin festival

Gin Festival
This ran across various venues in the United Kingdom. As we all know gin has become the spirit of the moment so it wasn’t a surprise that the festival was so busy (in fact most tickets to the 2018 event are already sold out). I headed to the Tobacco Docks in London for an afternoon visit and it was so much fun. There was live music playing, loads of gin brands there to talk to you about the taste, where they’re from and of course some free samples. You can then buy tokens to allow you to get a gin and tonic and there were so many to chose from if I had all the one’s I wanted I’d have been very drunk. These types of festivals are so good for socialising as you get to experience some new tastes with your friends.

The London Night Food Market

Night Food
I’d never been to the London Night Food Market so this year I headed to Kensington to see what it was all about and I wasn’t disappointed. There were stands everywhere serving everything from charcoaled truffle burgers and mac and cheese balls to chocolate waffles and cocktails. The queues might be a little long for the food but just do what we did and eat one snack while you’re in the queue for your next, everything is super fresh and so tasty.

Spirit of Tiki

Spirit of Tiki
If you’re a fan of rum then the spirit of tiki festival is for you full of plenty of stands serving a range of rum-based cocktails including my favourite Rumbillion. There’s a definite Carribean vibe with steel drummers, performances and stands selling traditional food. It might have rained this year when we were there but it didn’t dampen our spirits and we loved trying out some tasty drinks.

Dan of London Pop Ups his top 3

1.  Jimmy’s BBQ Club on the Southbank

Brilliant concept in a stunning (& central) venue.

2. The Vurger Co at The Pillbox Kitchen

Taking vegan burgers to a new level, and launching a recordbreaking crowdfumding campaign.

3. Fodder at Curio Cabal

Just amazingly creative (& delicious) food.


Shelly of ByBusby her top 3 

Since moving back to Surrey I am very keen to enjoy all the different pop up events that take place in London. Living outside of England made me realise how many events there are in London and how you really have to dive in.

1. Kerb – living on the veg

The first event I attended was Kerb’s living on the veg which was a vegan food festival. With your ticket you were allowed entry as well as one sample from each of the eight food stalls. During the event you were their to judge the food & vote for your favourite. There was so much on offer from the delicious food to the entertainment. I really enjoyed the even and it was a great insight into the vegan lifestyle.

2. Drinkup

The second even was drink up London’s cocktail week which was a first for me. Using the app as your ticket you were allowed entry in to the village in Old Spitalfields market & discounted drinks around London. The village was the highlight and I got to try loads of new drinks. Going around London to find the bars on the app wasn’t the easiest but made a fun day out.

3. Vegfest

Finally I have to share Vegfest which is a huge event in London. There’s so much on offer & really welcomes you to the vegan world. From food vendors to stalls offering everything you could need. There were conferences on offer as well as cooking classes. It was a really enjoyable event and I learnt so much & grab a lot of vegan goodies!


I hope you enjoyed reading all of our top 3 pop ups of 2017. I personally can’t wait to see what new pop ups will be coming to London in 2018.

If you would like your top 3 of 2017 included then please feel free to send me over your list and I will add them to this article.

Which new pop ups for 2018 are you most looking forward to
which you have heard about already?

Happy New Year to all.

Taste of London


  1. shelley says:

    I loved reading this posts & thank you for featuring me it was great to take part

  2. Louise Joy says:

    These all sound really fun! I didn’t get to go to as many pop ups as I’d hoped in 2017 but here’s hoping this year is different! x

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