Will Lady Chastity spook you? – Handmade Mysteries: Lady Chastity

Lady Chastity game can be played in four different locations (three in London and one in Brighton). I went along with some other bloggers from Love Pop Ups London community to play the game of Lady Chastity at their newest venue which is set in The Hope pub in Farringdon.

The Hope Pub

Firstly this is a lovely small pub with a bar area downstairs and restaurant/bar area upstairs. I went and sat upstairs to have a pie. All their pies are from the famous award winning Pieminster.

Pieminsters Chicken Pie

I opted for Funghi Chicken pie. It was cooked to perfection, served with some lovely creamy mash and tasty thickish gravy. So if you love pies then I highly recommend eating one here.

Lady Chastity – The Escape Room

Handmade Mysteries leaflet

So this escape room is slightly different for the aim of the game is not to escape within 60 minutes but to solve the mystery of Lady Chastity and retrieve her last bottle of wine which is locked away within inside her wardrobe in which Lady Chastity’s spirit guards.

Backstory about Lady Chastity

Lady Chastity owned a vineyard in which she used to host very lavish and swanky banquets. She was infamous among the wealthiest of Barons, Lords and Counts. Her parties all lubricated by her aphrodisiac wine which always got everyone very raunchy “ooh er Mrs”.

However one day Lady Chastity had sad news from a visitor and it was news of her distant lover Colonel Plumbottom. With this oddly sudden sad news of the disappearance of her beloved Colonel Plumbottom led her into madness. Leading to one night with devestating consequences of her vineyard and home becoming mysteriously ablaze. This was very unfortunate only one last bottle of her rare prized wines from her vineyard remain.

Before the game 

Beforehand myself and my team mates were greeted by a lady called Gabriel who led us up a small flight of stairs. We was then told a little history about Lady Chastity and her vineyard and many sordid secrets.

Gabriel holds the key to Lady Chastity’s peculiars and the path to her last bottle of sweet premium wine. It was up to us to solve the puzzles to crack the mystery and unlock the last bottle of wine that is under lock and key. However the wine is guarded by Lady Chastity’s ghost.

Onto the adventure

It was up to us to solve the many puzzles all of which are mostly from her belongings and strange contraptions. The room is small making it quite an intimate setting and dark but never fear we were luckily all provided with torches. Throughout the game you won’t be alone as Lady Chastity spirit is still lurking within the premises giving you a few hints and riddles along the way. Also Gabriel is on hand throughout the game for any additional hints which you are only allowed to ask for three so use them wisely. The puzzles are nicely done and without giving too much away I liked the xylophone in which you had to copy a tune to chime your way through to get the code and I liked the rabbit foot bones in which also jumped you onto the next solution.

Handmade Mysteries Skull

With the whole game being set in the dark along with its spooky elements, sauciness of Lady Chastity backstory and wine this makes the game very different from most other escape rooms and this is the reason why this game is aimed only for adults of over 18.


We managed to solve all the puzzles and crack open Lady Chastity wardrobe and compartments within and retrieved her last bottle of premium wine.

Handmade Mysteries wine

So we won and we only used 2 hints from Gabriel and had a reasonable time of 5 minutes and 16 seconds left.

Usually with any escape room you are just told well done and a photo is taken but this one involved not just a photo but also a prize being a bottle of wine which is great.

Fentimans and Hotel Chocolate

So we all celebrated at the end with a glass each along with some extra gifts which I supplied of Fentimans and Hotel Chocolate lollipops as a way to thank everyone for coming along and a special treat for being such great members of my community.


I highly recommend this escape room if you are looking for a slightly spooky experience and you don’t mind playing in the dark with the help of torch light. The puzzles are also good fun and some slightly unusual but for the more advanced escape room players this might not be challenging enough but for those that have not played so many escape rooms then I highly recommend.

Where can you play

As mentioned earlier this game is available at four pub venues in London (Hackney, Clapham and Islington) and Brighton. Larger groups may wish to book The Four Thieves venue in Clapham Junction as there they have two identical rooms to play the game of Lady Chastity so multiple teams can compete against each other for the best time.


They also have another escape room called Poppa Plocks which is also a fantastic escape room. The whole idea is to help build a toy called Roy for Wynn. We are also led and given instructions by Wynn a human sized toy solider which is the host. We could get hints from Wynn throughout the game but also we got help time to time from the ventriloquist dummy that resides there and is sat behind a glass panel. I must admit the dummy is slightly scary but he helped a lot when needed. That game is fun, colourful and highly entertaining. We had the pleasure in playing this game a few months back. To read mine and some other member’s of Love Pop Ups London opinions you can read all our blogs/reviews via here.

Click here to discover more about Handmade Mysteries.

Which escape room would you choose

Thanks to Handmade Mysteries for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down for a very interesting game.  The game was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs and / or reviews from the community members whom joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

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