Beam me up to Mars – Escape Rooms: Project D.I.V.A

Escape Rooms has two venues each with different themed rooms. Their newest one in Angel you can play either Project D.I.V.A or The Dark Side of the Moon. The one located in London Bridge you can play either Pharaoh’s Chamber or Room 33.


I had the privilege of going along to play Project D.I.V.A. in their Angel branch.

Escape Rooms in Angel – Project D.I.V.A


Upon walking into the reception Ben our game host for the night greets us.  He was very welcoming and let us wait in the reception area for my late team mates. Within this room there is also a reception desk, ample seating and a small table with some games on.  They had classic retro games such as the Rubix Cube to play with. I still can’t crack the Rubix Cube though. So if you still are early then you won’t be bored whilst you wait for your time slot.

Escape Rooms: Project D.I.V.A – The brief

Eventually when my five other blogger friends from Love Pop Ups London community turned up Ben gave us a short briefing. He then handed three of us smartphones with custom built apps which are to be used to scan clues within the room, plus one of us was in charge of the old reliable notepad with pen and another a pink walkie talkie so we could communicate with Ben for any help. We were told that there are no padlocks within this escape room which is a first but how lots of the puzzles involve the special phones we were given via scanning areas and pressing many buttons.

Beam me up to Mars

It was now time for us to get our “ass to mars”. The doors opened and it felt like I was entering a dimmlit spaceship. Ben explained to us that the year is 2038 and we are in Mars and how a few nights ago ER-27, one of the defence and research stations that orbit around Mars, went totally silent. D.I.V.A (Defence Interactive Virtual Assistant) the stations A.I. how a cryptic message which depictions of death came through and soon after how the station started falling into lower orbit. So it explained it was up to us to infiltrate D.I.V.A’s core and remove her 4 hard drives to disable her then use them to reboot the system. The future of humanity depended on us.

Project D.I.V.A lights

Without giving away too much about this game all I can say it is full of electronic devices and futuristic lighting making it different to any other escape room I have ever played. I loved the fact that most clues were via scanning codes using the smartphones, there was many buttons to press and many codes to decipher. The first clues and codes we solved quite quickly which released secret drawers from within the walls and hidden doors opened. However the codes did get harder to solve as the game progressed but all the riddles and codes worked really well with the whole theme and certainly pressing buttons is so much more fun than padlocks. Much later on in the game secret passages came evident which a few team mates had to crawl into. There was even a scenario where I felt a bit like Indiana Jones.  Plus there was a room full of lasers. With the great team work by us all we managed to destroy D.I.V.A’s core and save humanity with 18 minutes spare. We even got on the leader board.

Escape Rooms leaderboard


So with all the buttons and tech going on this really does make it a fun and immersive escape room like no other.

Pointers though wear trousers as there is some crawling and climbing involved for some plus note there are confined spaces so beware.

This game is most certainly one of my top 5 with technology, buttons, codes and lasers and one that I will not forget.

“Hope you enjoyed the ride blog”.

If you love the sound of Escape Rooms Project D.I.V.A then “here’s the plan. Get your ass to Mars” click here to book.

“Mars is there, waiting to be reached”
Buzz Aldrin ‘Buzz Aldrin: Down to Earth’, Psychology Today, May/June 2001

Interesting facts about Mars

Did you know that Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury.

Mars carries a name of the Roman god of war, and is often referred to as the “Red Planet”

Mars is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere and has surface features reminiscent both of the impact craters of the Moon and the deserts, valleys and polar ice caps of Earth.

Did you spot the quotes I used throughout my blog from the movie Total Recall?

Thanks to Escape Room for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down and play Project D.I.V.A.  The game was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs and / or reviews from the community members which joint me to play the game. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Escape Rooms

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