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At No Escape London no one will hear you scream from their Dentist. First challenge is finding the escape room. It is located up a set of stairs within Londis newsagents. So after passing some sweets you will see the stairs on your left. I must resist temptation and remember what the dentist might say “Three times a day and no candy!”.  The stairs are very narrow so be warned and there is not any space to step aside to let others pass. Eventually or should I say unfortunately I made my appointment to the Dentist. I HATE dentists. Upon entering the reception area it was then time for me to wait further for myblogger/reviewer friends and appointment.

No Escape London – Escape the Dentist

Within this Dentist surgery there hides a rotting secret. Will you escape from your appointment or will you be trapped by the dentist and never leave?  The door slams shut behind and you have an hour to solve whom the dentist killed. Be quick though before the murdering dentist comes back.  Can you and your team escape in time or will you and your team fall to be his next victims?

Book in for your appointment, if you dare!

Love Pop Ups London communities appointment

It was now time for our appointment. I hope it’s not to see Dr Caine (from the movie The Dentist). The room is quite impressive as it looks like an old fashioned dentistry with it’s antique furniture and dental equipment lying around everywhere there is even an x-ray screen.

All the clues and puzzles all lead onto cracking locks to open within the room from number coded locks to coloured ones. It is not an extremely challenging escape room but not too easy either. One or two puzzles had us having to drill into our brain power. However what makes this game a good one is the props and the fear factor as most of us hate the dentist.  We all had to solve who the dentist murderedwithin an hour before the dentist returned.

With our joint brain power we all managed to solve the codes, and discovered who the dentist murdered and escaped his surgery.  We escaped with 9 minutes left thankfully.  I did not want to meet the killer dentist and get drilled or even hammered to death.

We then got a photo opportunity and we could dress up in surgery gowns and hold props to create our scary scene. We all opted to wear surgical coats as we all at the end wanted to be a dentist.


There was a few areas in which I personally think could be improved within No Escape London. Firstly a sign downstairs at the stairs would be good as we had no idea where the escape room was. The reception area could be improved to make it look more like a dental surgery waiting area by perhaps having some dental posters dotted around.  A television screen in the room to give clues would be better rather than a piece of paper being shoved under the door.  Plus even though I loved the furniture and props within the Dental surgery I don’t think some of them will last much longer so maybe some should be replaced i.e. the antique small table.  Also I feel that both the reception and escape room is far too small for six of us I personally think a team of four would suit this escape room better.

However all in all this was a great escape room and different to most others that I have played with it’s horror feel factor of it being set up as a dentist surgery. What did I fear though the most was it the dental equipment or potentially meeting the dentist? For me it was the needles as I have trypanophobia (fear of needles).

So my question to you all is are you afraid of the dentist?

Thank you to No Escape for a filling of a time. If you would like to book an appointment click here

 “I am an instrument of perfection and hygiene, the enemy of decay and corruption.
A dentist. And I have a lot of work to do”

From the movie The Dentist

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