My journey with the smallest chef in the World – Dinner Time Story

Dinner Time Story takes diners senses from sight, sound, smell and taste to another world.

This is a very interactive innovative and immersive dinner show experience like no other.  Dinner Time Story uses 3D visuals to create an animated show told by the most smallest French chef in the world. Following it’s hugely successful launch in Dubai, Dinner Time Story brings their show Le Petit Chef to London. The story follows Le Petit Chef along the footsteps of Marco Polo.

Dinner Time Story popped up in London back in October 2017 at TT Liquor in Shoreditch which is there for a limited run.

The gastronomic multi-sensorial adventure is set alongside a 6-course dinner that will lead onto a journey of the famous Silk Road. People will be taken on a journey like no other by following the footsteps of the littlest chef in the World. Guests will travel along with him on his Silk Road journey all the way through to China. Through out the jouney guests will sample culinary delights from around the regions with it’s props, soundtracks and smells.

Warning from here on in there are spoilers.

The journey with Le Petit Chef at Dinner Time Story

Seated at a long table each guest has their very own blank book in front of them which displays the 3D animated show. A tiny chef moves around on the book and the table taking diners on a journey of gastronomic wonder.  Guests get to learn about the food along the journey. Sailing open seas, encountering deadly scorpions and meeting fire-breathing dragon and so much more.

Dinner Time Story Le Petit Chef

The technology magic

One of the techniques that makes Le Petit Chef so effective and a joy is the use of visual mapping. This helps the transformation from the projector create intelligent visual system. The developers have used precise length distortions, meticulously calculated from various angles, which produces the illusion of 3D. I really did feel like I could touch and grab the little chef amongst other things.

The 2 hour gastronomic journey with Le Petit Chef


The evening will take guests on a visual story visiting many locations along the famous Silk Road is whilst served a 6 course dinner.

From earthy tagines and aromatic curries, to fresh seafood and fusion desserts, the menu follows in Marco Polo’s footsteps through delicious dishes inspired by the Middle East, India and China, as well as Le Petit Chef’s own home town in Western France.

Throughout the evening the food is also accompanied by bespoke wine and cocktail pairing by the TT Liquor bar team. TT Liquor’s expert mixologists have carefully curated a drink flight to compliment the vibrant flavours and ingredients of the menu, with each course entailing a different tipple.

Accompanying the menu are clever props, soundtracks and scents, allowing guests to breathe the icy air of the Himalayas one moment and feel hot in India.

The open sea

Le Petit Chef sets upon his journey to follows the route of Marco Polo along the Silk Road via sailing the open seas.

Along our journey we are presented a little treasure trove of culinary delights. Contained a ‘Truffle Goats Cheese & Slow Roasted Tomato on a Gruyere Sesame Seed Bun Biscuit with Sweet Tomato Chutney’ and a ‘Tune Nicose Tartlet with a Soft Boiled Quails Egg’. Both small canapes had great texture and full of flavour


First stop with Le Petit Chef we visited Arabia. We all got presented a big box and it was full of delights. It contained ‘Lamb Tagine Croquette in a Pistachio Crumb served with a Harisan & Lemon Dip’, ‘Smoked Aubergine Caviar in a filo Cup with Baby Ratatouille Garnish’, ‘Vine Leaves filled with Rice, Mint, Parsley, Tomato & Onion, Cooked in Lemon Juice & Olive Oil with a Spicy Tomato & Cucumber dip’, ‘Zaatar (Manakish) Thyme, Herbs, Sesame Seeds & Olive Oil’ and ‘Corn Fed Chicken Kebab’. All petit but very delicious. I especially loved the ‘Smoky Aubergine’ dish as I am a fan of aubergines.


Onto India served in colourful bowls we was served ‘Butter Indian Chicken served on a mini Poppadum with Mini Riata’, ‘Cauliflower Panacotta with a Gobi Aloo Tartar’ and ‘Pineapple and Mango cobbler’. I love Indian food and I wish these portions were a bit bigger as they all tasted divine. The cauliflower canape in particular was smooth and creamy.


Before adventuring onto our last stop China we passed through the hilly mountains of the Himalayas. We was all served a ‘Pink Grapefruit and Lychee Sorbet’ which sat upon a clear bowl which contained dry ice. Once all of us diners had our bowls in front of us it was time for us to pour the water from the small jugs we had over the dry ice. This created a magical effect making you feel that you was in the mist of the Himalayan Mountains. Magical. The sorbet was refreshing and sweet.

Silk Road final stop China

This is near the end of the journey with Le Petit Chef and for my main I chose to have the ‘Caramelised Honey and Ginger Duck’. The duck was cooked to perfection with a lovely pinkness and tasted beautiful so soft literally melted in my mouth and looked great. One of my fellow blogger friends from the community of Love Pop Ups London had cod which looked lovely and white and just flaked away. To be honest I was quite jealous of his dish as I really love fish but I opted for duck as I wanted something a bit more filling on the night.

Le Petit Chef home France

Now dessert time. My favourite part of any meal time and Le Petit Chef made it even more of a special moment. He cooked a ‘Caramelised Saffron Crème Brulee’ right in front of all our eyes with some magical elements. Tasted heavenly and I just had to keep on scraping my bowl for more.

Little Chef makes it in the papers

The End


This 2 hour extravaganza was a visually stunning and very inspiring show. Everything throughout the night was executed well the and the food was petite in most cases but was delicious.

The only one thing that I would say to change and get rid of is the journal notebooks.   Throughout the night during the courses diners are given small journal books which you can write in.  However I think these should be got rid of as some of the comments and pictures that are drawn in them are not very nice.

However all in all Dinner Time Story has been the most magical and wonderful gastronomic experience I have ever experienced and one that I will certainly not forget. I will certainly be telling my story to others to take the journey.

How can I book my journey?

The experience costs £95 per person but it is well worth it. Includes visual story, 6 course meal and drink pairing throughout.

To book your journey with Le Petit Chef click here.

Dinner Time Story is also currently running in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Berlin and Belgium, and expansion plans for China and Scandinavia are already underway.

Does the Silk Road appeal to you?


Thanks to Dinner Time Story and for the journey Le Petit Chef for having me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down. The meal was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinions.

Click below to read the blogs and watch a vlog from the community members whom joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Dinner Time Story

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