Adventure on land – Symphony of the Senses

Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Senses popped up in London on 2-3 February 2018 at Victoria House with their first ever interactive, theatrical cruise experience on dry land. Why? as they wanted to showcase accommodation, destinations and entertainment which you can have on Symphony of the Seas which is sailing for it’s first time in March from Barcelona this year.

Symphony of the Senses pop up has been designed to stimulate all senses from sight, sound, feel, taste and smell. The pop up will give everyone who visits a taste of the award-winning and acclaimed features that can be found on-board.

So if you have never cruised before and you wanted a taster of what fun activities you can sample this truly is a great way to discover more about Royal Caribbean.

Symphony of the Senses pop up

After registering on an I-pad at the reception it was onto the adventure.

The adventure

Selfie time
Selfie at Symphony of the Senses

@MyRoyalUK #MySymphony

Entering through the glittery curtains we was firstly given some props to use for a photo opportunity. So I and other fellow guests we all grabbed a prop or two and posed saying “Symphony of the Seas”. Plus anyone that does this can enter a competition to win a cruise on Symphony of the Seas. Share on either Facebook or Twitter tagging @MyRoyalUK and #MySymphony.


The adventure starts from walking through a tunnel of light re-enacting what it might be to slide down the Abyss. Did you know that the Abyss is taller than Buckingham Palace. The slide can also be found on Harmony of the Seas.

Ball pit

Next a short slide down into a ball pit full of blue balls. Splashdown, round and round we go and yes swimming is required in this ball pit. This is one of the many fun things that children can do on board. Other activities that can be had on many Royal Caribbean ships are ice skating, dodgems, golf the list just goes on.


After monkeying around in the ball pit it was onto a jungle adventure. This is where visitors could learn about various shore excursions that you can have with Royal Caribbean from nature adventures to maybe something more sporting like kayaking. The choice is just endless and varied.


Once adventuring around the jungle with the tour guide it was our time to head on under a waterfall and we was transported into the world of Mexico. Tequila!

A Mexican Mariachi band, Jarabe dancer, even a colourful horse Piñata was in this room. Was so colourful full of joy, sounds of Mexico and dance. Got to learn a little about Mexico and taste some Tacos with salsa. This was to show you one of the many places that you can visit when on a Royal Caribbean ship. After a quick dance like a red hot chilli pepper it was time to hit the piñata and enter through it into another mystery room.

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Visitors will now be in confronted by the character Tracy Turnbald out of Hairspray. With all Royal Caribbean ships they show West End style shows from Greece to We Will Rock You. Hairspray will be the theatrical production that will be playing on Symphony of the Seas. It’s time for rehearsal. So get those singing cords in tune, la la la la la la! Now shake those hips and practice your lines as it’s your time to shine on stage.


Candy Shop woman in chair

Moving on through the red curtain thankfully there was no stage and you’ll be greeted with a wonder of sweets. It was like being in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Pity the large sweets and ice-creams were fake and made out of paper or plastic. There was a candy woman sleeping in a deck chair. Once we stepped on the candy bridge she woke up from her slumber. On a high she greeted us all. She then went towards a chest and we had to solve the code from counting certain objects to unlock the chest. Once opened we was handed some candy. I felt like a kid in a sweetie shop all hyper in the excitement of my sugary delight. On board most Royal Caribbean they have a candy shop. However they also have other shops on-board selling well known brands from handbags to clothes.

Back to reality

Now back to reality. Before leaving though why not find out more about Symphony of the Seas via brochures or speaking to one of the travel agents. Hooked then book your adventure on Symphony of the Seas.

Why the pop up

Symphony of the Senses pop up was held to not just promote about the new cruise ship Symphony of the Seas but also to persuade more young people on to their ships by highlighting the fun activities on board.

As Royal Caribbean is not just for adults Royal Caribbean is for everyone and most specially families.

Plus remember if you did visit the pop up Symphony of the Senses make sure to tag @MyRoyalUK and #MySymphony on any of your social media posts and you will be entered into a competition to win a family holiday on the ship.

Dream. Explore. Discover.

To discover more about Symphony of the Seas, please click here.

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