A look back at January 2018 – Community Fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during January 2018.

January 2018 a look back

Immercity – Silhouette in the Smoke 

If you love high tea, immersive experiences and escape rooms then you will love Immercity newest show Silhouette in the Smoke.  The story is set around past mysteries which took place in 1871 and it is up to guests to solve the mysteries that happened by watching and questioning ghosts of the past.

All guests on the night are met by the enigmatic Jack Daw after indulging in a Victorian style high tea of cake and tea. Jack then performs three summonings. Each one brings back to life those who worked on the Cornish Engine in 1871 in a different way. Guests then will have the opportunity to watch unnoticed as the ghosts relive the past, journeying across the original Victorian and Georgian parts of the Museum. Later on in the night guests are allowed to ask the ghosts questions to uncover their secrets.

Will be be brave enough to ask the ghosts what happened back in 1871?


photo taken by Steve Peca

“The evening was broken up into three sections. The first of which you follow your chosen character through the events of the evening, paying close attention to their actions, and interactions with the other characters. Navigating the spaces of museum was fun as it’s spread out over different floors and rooms, allowing your path to cross with that of the other characters. ”


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Handmade Mysteries – Lady Chastity in Farringdon 

Love murder mysteries? Love escape rooms? Then this certainly is one of the best escape rooms within London.

Lady Chastity is full of puzzles involving her mysterious belongings from lucky rabbit foot’s to her bottle of wines.  It involves bravery and your wits during this surreal game. Will you crack the clues within the 60 minutes and leave with Lady Chastity’s last fabled bottle of aphrodisiac wine or will you be trapped forever.

Lady Chastity Girl Power

photo by Handmade Mysteries

“My lips are sealed regarding the details, but I will say this escape room is all about the ambience and it was done superbly. It was spooky, well created and very enjoyable. The host was great and really stuck to her character. Having done a handful of escape rooms this one is up there with my favourites.”


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Piano Works 

If you love a brunch and love live music then Piano Works is for you.

Set in a Victorian listed warehouse (400 capacity) in the heart of Farringdon you will be able to party the day or night away at this live music venue with 2 pianists and accompanying musicians only play songs requested by YOU, the audience.

Piano Works

photo taken by Steve Peca

“We had such an epic afternoon, drinking our free-flowing bottomless prosecco, eating a delicious brunch and requesting our favourite songs by the live band on stage – how cool is that?”

Sian & David

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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be locked behind bars in a prison but a fun one full of booze?  Well Alcotraz has done just that.

Convicted criminals (guests) dress in orange prison jumpsuits, then are issued along with a criminal identity number, learn about the art of smuggling contraband past guards, get locked up behind bars and get to enjoy bespoke cocktails made up by expert mixologists within inside.

This experience can’t be found anywhere else in London and it will leave you wanting to break back in.

Alcotraz lady prisoners us doing our time

“Inside there are cells with seats, a table and even a toilet although it’s not functional, not to worry though there is a real toilet at the back.  We were given some holy water as we sat down by the religious guard.  After a short while the friendly guard came over and whispered “do you have any booze?”, we handed him some vodka and off he went shortly returning with 4 pornstar martinis.”


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Breakin – Butchers Lair

Love escape rooms and Dentists. Then Breakin – Butchers Lair is for you.

The Butcher’s Lair is about Dr. Vladimir Knifesblade. The story has it he was a friendly and very nice university professor. Everyone always enjoyed his lectures on human anatomy and we was invited to his laboratory for a dinner party.

Breakin Escape Room front window


“This was a good escape the room for around 4 people and also for people like a linner game, as you have to solve one clue to move onto the next one.”


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Escape Rooms – Project D.I.V.A

Love escape rooms and time travel. Then Project D.I.V.A will make you feel like you have jumped into the future to 2038.

You’ll be transported to Mars where you will learn that then ER-27 defence and research station which is orbiting Mars has gone silent. D.I.V.A (Defence Interactive Virtual Assistant) has sent a cryptic message warning of immediate death to all humanity. Will you be able to intercept ER-27, get on board and destroy D.I.V.A and regain control of the station by infiltrating her core and removing her 4 hard drives to disable her then use them to reboot the system.

Escape Rooms

“Without giving too much away there is plenty to do for everyone, lots of gadgets and surprises along with a handheld phone for scanning and extra clues.”


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Faulty Towers 

Do you remember the hilarious Fawlty Towers?  If so then you’ll love this very immersive dining experience at which is at Radisson Blu Edwardian.  You’ll be in stitches.

For those that don’t know Fawlty Towers it is an old classic British comedy tv series that aired in the 1970’s.  Set in a fictional hotel in the seaside town of Torquay on the English Riviera a hot headed Basil Fawlty (played by Cleese), his bossy wife Sybil (played by Prunella Scales), receptionist Polly (played by Booth) and a clumsy English-challenged Spanish waiter Manuel (played by Andrew Sachs) all tried hard to attempt to run a hotel amidst ridiculous situations and an array of demanding and eccentric guests and trades people.

Faulty Towers poster

“The actors had the voices and mannerisms of the original cast so well mastered that it was easy to forget that we weren’t really in an episode of the iconic BBC sitcom.”


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If you are looking for a great Italian restaurant which is authentic and simple then Rotorino provides just that. It is run by head Chef’s Lewis and Stevie who constantly work on bringing new Italian cuisine to Dalston. The menu changes slightly every day along with new specials every week.

Rotorino group photo

“On the last Tuesday of each month the chef at Rotorino throws out the regular menu and instead creates a whole new set menu based around a particular region of Italy. For January Lombardy was the chosen location, situated in Northwest Italy and landlocked with no coastline dishes generally encompass rice, maize, meats & cheeses.”


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The Vaults – Madhi Magician

Mahdi Gilbert’s performed at The Vaults for a limited run showing of his magic but what made him so different to any other magician is that he was born without hands and feet making him perhaps the world’s most extraordinary sleight-of-hand magician in the world.


“Mahdi the magician is a really entertaining act. The guy was born without hands and feet so he had to adapt his own tricks.”


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