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The Grift is an immersive adventure set inside the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green. Part theatre and part game where you are taught how to con a con artist by learning the tricks of the trade of a con artist.

Town Hall Hotel


The award winning Town Hall Hotel which is in Bethnal Green combines architectural splendour with cutting-edge design. Every room and suite has been individually designed with many retaining it’s grand Edwardian period features. So if you are looking for some luxury or you require a stay after playing The Grift then I highly recommend booking a room there.

The Grift

The Grift poster - how to con a con artist

The check in for The Grift opened at 7.30pm and all guests were sorted into one of four coloured groups. Everyone gets given a paper wrist band and a key. Me and my friend Bianca were given a red wrist band placing us in team red. We waited in a large bar area for other guests all to turn up and get checked in.

Who is Ben?

At 8pm a short introduction speech and a video presentation immersed us in the story of Ben and how he was conceived by two famous rich actors. Ben was born in secret at the hotel away from paparazzi and then adopted by the hotel staff.  Ever since he has lived in the hotel until his death. After this introduction video a further video made by Ben then played.  Ben explained that he has gathered us all here in his passing to help him stop a big con artist that resides in the hotel. Ben then went onto explain that we will all be taught by his friends and family on how to con people and deceive people. Why? So we can con the con artist. So we learnt and became hotel hustlers to pull off a large scale deception at the end.


The art of the con artist – How to con a con artist

Our team was sent on a clue chase throughout the hotel, meeting various characters on our journey and learning more about Ben and his loved ones. We were given riddles, puzzles to solve and taught different con artists tricks and bluffs.

Onto learning and training on how to con a con artist. Without giving too much away in which con tricks you do learn my favourite had to be the famous con trick of them all the ‘Pig in a Poke’. This is the con of swapping of bags/goods. This con is acted out in many movies and used by many con men and gangsters all over the world. It is also where the famous saying the cat in a bag comes from.

Finale in how to con a con artist

After discovering and learning about conning people it was onto the finale.  We all gathered into a court room within the hotel to pull off the biggest con yet in conning the con man that has been ripping off Ben’s friends and family for years.  He most certainly got his comeuppance.

Was I conned?

No I was not conned as this experience was fun however I did not fully enjoy it to the extent in which I wanted too.  I felt the team size was too big (nine) and the team members we were with I felt was not taking the game serious enough so this made it not as enjoyable. I think a group of six people would be a much better size.  Also because of the size of the group I hardly had a chance to participate and even get close to any of the puzzles. This is why I recommend if you did go along to book with a bunch of friends.

Other than that it was really well done and was worth it.

Book now

If you love immersive theatre and escape rooms then you’ll definitely love The Grift so I highly recommend in booking.

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The Grift – Cast

Written and Directed by Tom Salamon.

The cast are: Dylan Allcock (The Only Jew in England, Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch), Ged Forrest (Evanesce and Project Mayhem, Secret Theatre), Rachel Harper (The Edinburgh Test, Missmanaged Theatre), Laura Kirman (Mischief Theatre’s The Play That Goes Wrong, Peter Pan Goes Wrong and Mischief Movie Night, all West End), Alastair Kirton (Mischief Theatre’s The Play That Goes Wrong, West End and tour, Accomplice, Menier Chocolate Factory, Goosebumps Alive, The Vaults, The Changing Room, Royal Court), Daniel Millar (Mischief Theatre’s The Play That Goes Wrong, West End, Goosebumps Alive, The Vaults, Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man and Against Captain’s Orders, King Lear and Edward II, National Theatre), Kevin Moore (Take 2 and Crocodiles In Cream, both Jermyn Street Theatre, The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui, Bridewell Theatre), Mark Oosterveen (Breaking the Code, Royal Exchange Theatre, Love’s Comedy, Orange Tree Theatre).

Note: Ben and his family & friend's are all fictional

Con Artist – A person skilled at cheating or swindling others

Thanks to The Grift for the invite. All views are my own honest opinions.

Click below to read the blog by Bianca. Her blog is her own honest opinion.

The Grift

Question being who will win and be the greatest detective on the night?  

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