Adventure in London – Komnata Quest

Komnata Quest performs various interactive performances played out tours around London. So if you are looking for a tour with a difference then Komnata Quest certainly does do this.

All tours are very interactive and will lead you all using your senses.  Guests will all be given headphones to wear.  Actors will bring all tours a magical element with their performances.

Komnata Quest – The Heart of Covent Garden

I went along with some other blogger / reviewer community members of Love Pop Ups London to go on their tour called The Heart of Covent Garden. This is a story about you and me.
Along this interactive promenade performance the actors will bring fun and magic to the tour. Along the way you’ll listen to a story through the headphones and learn about the history of Covent Garden and the surrounding streets which will be told by Alexandra and her invisible friend. The tour guide plays the character Alexandra by miming to the recording. All your senses will be tested to their limits from sight, sound, touch, and taste. What lurks within Covent Garden and it’s surroundings?
You’ll be dancing, singing and prancing around Covent Garden on this fun and very novel unique tour. Without giving away the story and the magic that awaits, the highlights for me were singing a Christmas Carol during February, dancing along the piazza in Covent Garden and receiving a lucky coin from the tour guide.

The funniest moment for me was watching the tour guide getting drunk (faking it) and miming to an invisible person you should of seen the people around her looking at her like she was mad. Hilarious.


I really liked this adventure through Covent Garden. The tour guide was superb with her acting and kept in character all the time. The headphones never cut out and the music played throughout was very up beat and funky changing all the time with a magical story with the history of Covent Garden being told.  The only negative points about this tour for me personally was that I don’t think the actual story made sense. The story was probably most fitting for children instead of adults.  I would also of liked to have had some puzzling challenges along the way rather than performing or dancing.

However as I said earlier I did really enjoy my walk around Covent Garden even though it was 4 degrees.  I do highly recommend.


New adventures

Coming soon to Komnata Quest.

Horror tour – The Impossible Murder Mystery 

You will work as a team as part of a murder investigation squad. Your task will be to solve the murder.

Children tour – Maze of Hakaina
Based on a Japanese tradition, young samurai warriors are tested by going through a mystical Maze. Rumour has it that horrible demons lurk within inside the Maze.

Adventure – Sherlocked
Sherlock Holmes is accused of a terrible crime. It is up to you to prove his innocence. Without Holmes’ brilliant mind, will your own powers of deduction be enough?


All tours last 90 minute and can take up to a maximum of 15 people.

To find out more and Komnata Quest or to make a booking click here.

Which tour appeals to you?


Thanks to Komnata Quest for the magical tour and letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come prancing along the streets of London with you.  The tour was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click here to read the blogs and / or reviews from the community members which joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

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  1. louiseloveslondon says:

    Oh wow – this looks like so much fun – and still you will learn a lot! Great concept. Never heard of it before 🙂

    X Louise

  2. lovepopupslondon says:

    Is great fun but is more aimed at kids The Heart of Covent Garden Tour. I am sure the other upcoming ones will be more for adults which I will have to try.

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