Who killed Anne Tennor? – A Door In A Wall: Dead Drop

It was a cold and yet chilling night full of mystery within the doors of A Door in a Wall adventure Dead Drop.  Within the walls of  Wringer + Mangle Spitalfields, we learnt of a murder that had been committed.

Dead Drop

The Story

It was the year 1969 and an aeronautical pioneer Anne Tennor was killed conducting a test flight for a new kind of plane with new technology. At first it seemed like just a tragic accident with the plane coming down just outside London. However, Anne the lone pilot did not die in the crash but by jumping however her parachute was sabotaged.  With the technology on the plane being so high it could lead to global disaster. Whomever gets their hands on the inventors blueprints could change the world BUT where are the blueprints now?

Who killed Anne Tennor?
Was it the Air Commodore Doug Phyte, Sam Booker or Grace Kye

Prime suspects: Doug, Sam and Grace
Photos above by Robert Boulton

The other characters: An artist, the Diplomat and Croupier
Photos above by Robert Boulton

It was up to us agents to help solve the murder and find out who now has the missing blueprints that could cause world destruction.

Dead Drop room

Who killed Anne Tennor?

All within the glamorous 60’s styled hangout fitting for the game you’ll be able to immerse yourself with the three prime suspects, speak with some other characters, discover a variety of trails to follow and lots of puzzles but the big question is will you be able to deceiver who the murderer is?

Dead Drop booklet

Firstly before you any agent begins their mission each team gets handed a secret instructions booklet with clues, advise in how to investigate and what to find out. By following the leads, solving puzzles and interacting with various characters, you’ll be able to hopefully discover who killed Anne Tennor and where the plans are hidden.

All the clues, puzzles and information from all characters are thoroughly well thought out and put together. With us agents of Love Pop Ups London not being as advanced as many other agents we found the clues not as hard as what we initially thought they would be but still with some challenging factors making this a very enjoyably fun game.

However there was a few connections we did miss so my point would be listen and take note of everything no matter how small or irrelevant you might feel.


With the whole mystery adventure being set within indoors sometimes we bumped into other agents whom was looking at certain puzzles we needed or speaking to a character which we needed to talk to.

Dead Drop Sam case - Photo by Robert Boulton

Sam and another agent
Photo above by Robert Boulton

So sometimes we had to queue and wait. However don’t step away from the puzzle/character too far as another team may jump in front of you and you will then have to wait all over.  If you just don’t want to wait then you can always hop onto another room and solve another puzzle or go and speak to another character as time is precious after all with the cold war is looming.

Dead Drop post box

Before 10pm make sure that you have filled out your discoveries in your booklet and post in the post box.


All characters are then gathered together and a recap of the story is told, all the prime suspects are judged and the night ends with a grand reveal of the guilty party.

The overall winning team of agents on the night who score the most points in noting down the facts correctly wins an elaborate trophy.  Alas was not us team of agents Love Pop Ups London.

Plus there was also a prize for the best dressed team of agents.  So put on your best 60’s outfit.


This was a fun and challenging murder mystery all set within an amazing 60’s themed decorated building.

All acting by the actors was top notch. Sam in particular was a joy, so silly but yet funny, a right cockney geezer.

All in all this has been one of the most greatest murder mystery games I have played with such high quality puzzles, fantastic acting with some comical elements and a storm of a story what more can you ask for!

Where to book and FAQs

So if you are looking for a great night out then I suggest gather some friends, book your tickets and head on down to Wringer + Mangle for an evening of mystery through A Door in a Wall.

When is this game played:
Every Tuesday evening for a limited time

Game play starts as soon as you walk through the doors:
6.30pm – 10.30pm

Team of agents required:
Recommend. A team of 2-5 agents. Though you can play as a ‘lone wolf’ like James Bond.

Bring along: 
A charged smartphone and a pen

You will be supplied on the night with:
Special instruction booklet

Do you need to dress up?
You don’t have to but if you wanted to then dress up in your most glamorous 1960s hangout attire which is suggested. Plus there is a prize for the best dressed.

Bar and food: 
Bar opens at 6.30pm so you may want a martini before shaken not stirred of course or another alcoholic beverage of your liking.  With Wringer + Mangle fantastic bar being open all evening your lips won’t go dry. Click here to see all drinks on offer. You can also see a sample menu of the food which you can enjoy on the night here.

Dead Drop dates after 15th of March have sadly been cancelled as our venue, Wringer and Mangle Spitalfields,is closing down. We have emailed all affected ticket holders with more details including information about rescheduling tickets and refunds. If you need additional information, please email us on info@adoorinawall.com or call us on 07944150448

More about A Door In A Wall

A group of plotters, producers and designers set up back in 2010. Since then they have been creating a series of mystery events designing and running immersive treasure hunts and exciting games.

Thanks to A Door In A Wall for having me and others from Love Pop Ups London come down to help solve who murdered Anne Tennor.  The tour was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the reviews from the other community members whom joined me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

A Door in a Wall

Question being who will win and be the greatest detective on the night?  

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