A look back at February 2018 – Community fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during February 2018.

February 2018 a look back

No Escape London – The Dentist

If you love escape rooms then you will love this escape room. The whole room really will make you feel like you are in a real Dentist.  Like all escape rooms you will have 60 minutes to complete it but be quick as you don’t want to get killed by the serial killing Dentist.  The puzzles are good and there is a slight horror element to this room but I won’t say anymore for that is for you to discover and find out.

No Escape London Dentist

“As someone with a severe dentist phobia, when I heard the Love Pop Ups Community were heading to an escape the dentist escape room, I was super game!”

Livi Stace

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Would you dare enter The Dentist?

Komnata London – Covent Garden Quest

Looking for a tour with a difference? Then Komnata does just that.  Glowing headphones on you’ll follow your eccentric guide miming and taking you on a magical fantasy journey across Covent Garden.  You’ll learn about the history of the theatre and Covent Garden whilst dancing, singing and prancing the streets and alleyways of Covent Garden.

Komnata Love Pop Ups London posing

“There is a lot of exploring Covent Garden, fun, magic, laughter and dancing. You follow a story line where you have to discover who stole the heart of Covent Garden. Expect a lot of walking and a fun way to tour the area!”

Jamie Tolentino-Deludet

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What will you discover?

The Grift

If you love immersive theatre and love the idea to fraud someone for revenge then you’ll love this immersive event that takes place in the grand Town Hall in London’s Bethnal Green. You will learn the art of a thief in how to con people ending with the ultimate con.

The Grift poster - how to con a con artist

“Our team was sent on a wild clue hunt throughout the hotel building, meeting a group of characters, the grand children of Ben’s loved ones, who gave us riddles and puzzles to solve and taught us different swindling bluffs that we then had to pull off to gather everything we needed for our big con at the end.”

Bianca Wulff

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Will you succeed in getting revenge on the criminal?

A Door in a Wall – Dead Drop

Love murder mysteries? Then this certainly is one of the best immersive murder mysteries to play.  Set within a glamourous London hangout the Wringer + Mangle Bar in Spitalfields is where the prime suspects are mingling but the question is who murdered Anna and why?

It is the 1960’s and a few days ago, a small plane came down just outside London but it seems that she was killed not in the crash, but by her sabotaged parachute. Was this the act of revenge or is it much more sinister?

A Door In A Wall - Love Pop Ups team

“There is plenty to do through the 4 hour evening including deciphering codes, bargaining, playing a card game or two and even obtaining some 3D glasses!”

Lizzie Williamson

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Do you think you have the detective skills to solve the crime?

Umbrella Brewing – Ginger Beer

If you’re a Ginger Beer lover then you will be in your element with Umbrella Brewing Ginger Beer with it’s amazing sharp ginger spicy hit on your tongue.

Some of us from Love Pop Ups London community had the privilege of having a tour of the brewery learning about how their top quality Ginger Beer is made from start to finish. If you love or hate ginger it is guaranteed after tasting Umbrella Brewing Ginger Beer you will be hooked.

Umbrella Brewing Ginger Beer Love Pop Ups community group

“Not usually a fan of ginger or beer, I was pleasantly surprised by how harmonious the beer was. Yes, the fierceness of the ginger is well present but the spice takes you progressively as opposed to other ginger beers I have tasted before where it kicks your palate right from the beginning and kills your taste buds from the get go.”

Jennifer Le

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Do you love Ginger Beer?

Dinner Time Story – Le Petit Chef

This 6 course dining experience is the most magical gastronomic experience you can ever have in London bringing many delights and surprises along your epic 2 hour food journey narrated by Le Petit Chef.

“through a two hour 3D dining concept of his journey. Every single course is accompanied with visual, sounds, table props and decorations and a cocktail which is suppose to take you along with him on his epic journey. Where he gathers new ingredients and cooking methods to not only bring your tastebuds alight, but also the visual effects dazzles and the sound of ooh and ahh come aplenty.”


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Would you love to take the journey?


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