Happy 40th Birthday – Ben & Jerry’s 40th Birthday pop up

In celebration of Ben & Jerry’s 40th Birthday Ben & Jerry decided to have a birthday party for one day on Saturday 10th March in Old Spitalfields Market. So I just had to get on down there and party in their pop up Birthday ball pit and grab some free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s 40th Birthday

Ben & Jerry's birthday

Firstly how did Ben and Jerry start out though?

The journey begun in 1978 with two guys and ice cream. From a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont this is how they started their epic journey in being one of the legendary ice cream makers / sellers of today with everyone enjoying their ice cream creations from all around the world.

Ben & Jerry “Let’s celebrate our 40th with Birthday Cake”

In celebration of their special Ben & Jerry’s 40th Birthday they decided to make a special Birthday Cake ice cream and party with have a celebratory pop up. So they sent down to London in Old Spitalfields Market on Saturday 10th March a huge birthday cake ball pit for everyone to party in. 

Containing 45,000 multi-coloured balls it was too hard to resist in not jumping in this ball pit. Swirling and spinning around like we were batter being made for a cake we all had a whirlwind of a time.

We also played some games within the pool instructed by Ben & Jerry’s staff. It took me back to my childhood and I kept on thinking about games such as pass the parcel which we used to play at our birthday party celebrations. Plus it reminded me of the time I won a Ben & Jerry’s competition way back in my younger years. I bathed in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and won a pair of festival camping tickets, a Ben & Jerry’s branded tent and a year’s supply of ice cream.
The first game we played was quick sand where we had to duck quick and hide under the balls, the next was who could swim the fastest and finally we had a race to the other side which is no easy feat in those balls. The aim was the person that done the best in the games will get a Polaroid of them standing in amongst the balls.

Afterwards we were all treated to a free ice cream of our choice however I went along at 1pm and unfortunately they had ran out of their Birthday Cake flavour but I even found out from a friend they did not even have any at 11am so that was slightly disappointing to hear.  I really did want to try the new flavour but all they had left was the Karamael Sutra. Don’t get me wrong this flavour ice cream is wow upon wow with it’s caramel and chocolate flavour but I so wanted to taste their Birthday Cake flavour, pity.

However even after Ben & Jerry’s had finished celebrating their birthday it does not mean you have to stop eating their delicious ice cream as every day is someone’s birthday  (whether you actually know them or not) so let’s celebrate throughout the year.
Happy Birthday Ben and Jerry have an awesome one.

If you missed celebrating Ben & Jerry’s 40th Birthday celebration never fear for you can get on down to your local supermarket and buy a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Birthday Cake ice cream. So let’s all grab a scoop of Birthday Cake and let’s party at home as everyday is someone’s birthday!


More about the Birthday Cake ice cream

The Birthday Cake ice cream is Vanilla cake batter with pink frosting and contains strawberry swirls and cake throughout.


Cream (MILK) (23%), water, sugar, condensed skimmed MILK, WHEAT flour, icing sugar, strawberry puree (3.3%), free range EGG yolk, vegetable oil (fully refined soybean, sunflower), butter (MILK), invert sugar syrup, glucose syrup, brown sugar, butteroil (MILK), vanilla extract, free range whole EGG powder, stabilisers (modified starch, guar gum, pectin, carrageenan), salt, lemon juice concentrate, emulsifier (SOY lecithin), acidity regulator (lactic acid), thickener (carrageenan), colour (beetroot red), natural butter flavouring (MILK), elderberry concentrate, natural vanilla flavouring, flavourings, fat reduced cocoa powder, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate). Sugar (excluding icing sugar and invert sugar syrup), cocoa, vanilla: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 19%ᶠ. ᶠ Visit http://www.info.fairtrade.net
Nutrition info
Ben & Jerry's 40th Birthday nutrition
The ice cream is Kosher, they only use dairy from happy cows in their Caring Dairy programme and eggs from free-range hens. Birthday Cake is also made with Fairtrade-certified sugar, cocoa, and vanilla, and wrapped up in responsibly sourced packaging for a gift you can feel good about giving and receiving.
You can buy this celebration ice cream in 500ml Tubs.

Discover more

To find out more about Ben & Jerry’s click here.
Which is your favourite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

Ice creams in tubs

Here is a list of all their other ice cream’s which come in tubs.

500ml tub

Berry Neighbourly
Vanilla ice cream with cookie & blueberry swirls and white chocolate chunks
Birthday Cake 
Vanilla Cake Batter Ice Cream with Pink Frosting & Strawberry Swirls and Cake Pieces
Home Sweet Honeycomb
Sweet cream ice cream with a honey caramel swirl (10%) and milk chocolate covered honeycomb chunks (10%)
Minter Wonderland
Mint Ice Cream with Chocolatey Chunks
Sofa So Good Together
Caramel Ice Cream with a Salted Caramel Swirl (9%), Chocolate Brownies (7%) and Chocolate Cookies (4%)
Blondie Brownie
A soft salted caramel core (12%) surrounded by chocolate & vanilla ice creams with chocolate brownie chunks (4%) & blondie brownie chunks (4%)
Bob Marley’s One Love™
Banana ice cream with caramel (9%) and cookie (6%) swirls and chocolatey peace signs (4%)
Caramel Chew Chew
Caramel Ice Cream with a Caramel Swirl (9%) and Chocolatey Covered Caramel Chunks (9%)
Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Chocolate ice cream with chocolate brownie pieces (13%)
Cookie Dough
Vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough (16%) and chocolatey chunks (1%)
Cookie Dough S’wich Up
Vanilla ice cream with chocolatey sandwich cookies (8%) and chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough (3%) and a chocolatey cookie swirl (5%)
Half Baked
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream mixed with brownies (8%) and chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough (10%)
Karamel Sutra
A core of soft caramel (12%) surrounded by chocolate & caramel ice creams with chocolatey chunks (4%)
Peanut Butter Cup
Peanut Butter (9%) Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cups (20%)
Phish Food
Chocolate ice cream with marshmallow (15%), caramel (10%) and chocolatey shaped fish (7.5%)


Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough
Chocolate Ice Cream, a Caramel Swirl, Cookie Dough, Chocolatey Chunks & a Spoonable Topping
Salted Caramel Brownie
Vanilla Ice Cream, a Salted Caramel Swirl, Brownies, Chocolatey Chunks & a Spoonable Topping
Pretzel Palooza
Vanilla malt ice cream with a chocolatey hazelnut swirl, chocolatey covered pretzel chunks, chocolatey chunks, and chocolatey topping.
Strawberry Swirled
Sweet Cream Ice Cream, Strawberry & Marshmallow Swirls, Shortbread, White Chocolatey Chunks & a Spoonable Topping

No Dairy

Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Chocolate non-dairy ice cream with chocolate brownies. 
Chunky Monkey
Banana flavour non-dairy ice cream with chocolatey chunks & walnuts 
Peanut Butter and Cookies
Vanilla non-dairy ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies & crunchy peanut butter swirls

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