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Arriving at South Bermondsey the first challenge was to find Modern Fables.  Hidden away behind the backstreets and dark poorly lit alleys of South London we all eventually found the warehouse in where Modern Fables resided.  By this point I was already a little scared and tensed out.

Modern Fables

Before the adventure

Upon discovering Modern Fables and entering the warehouse I noticed at the end of the corridor was a projection screen showing old black and white very bizarre eccentric film clips. Here are a few which were shown.

Le Voyage Dans la Lun (A Trip to the Moon)

The Dancing Pig

Very bizarre clips indeed but yet lured you wanting to watch more.

Before the projection screen is a door with a note attached stating to take a seat within the bar area. So I walked into the fake bar area ‘The Escapist’ and tapped the bell on the counter and in comes Alfie the host.

The story

Alfie then starts to tell a story about his friendship with Lavinia Carter and that he worries that something terrible might of happened to her or that she might of just gone on one of her mysterious travels without letting him know.  However he really does fear that something ghastly has happened to his friend.

He then went on to tell us about how this bar used to be once a lively part of the local arts scene. However rumours and strange occurrences led to the bar’s downturn and Lavinia the owner of the bar being shunned. With this he said then her behaviour became ever more erratic over time and this is why he worries that something more sinister might of happened to her.

It was up to me and some members of Love Pop Ups London to try and solve the suspicious disappearance of Lavinia.

Has she just gone on her travels or has something more ghastly happened to her?

Modern Fables the gang

The hunting begins

We had just 60 minutes to solve the clues and puzzles which tell a story and uncovers many of Lavinia’s family secrets. Working through the eerie dark damp rooms and feeling slightly demonic it was up to us to solve what has really happened to Lavinia.

Without giving too much away I will say that the clues are fun and some were certainly different. I especially loved the shells which we had to be used at one stage to solve one of the puzzles.  I also loved how the doors to other rooms were most certainly different. Some of the challenges throughout Modern Fables though were quite hard as even some escape room pros got stumped.  Plus be warned most of the clues and puzzles are very text heavy so if you love reading then this is certainly the escape room for you.

We done it

We completed the game within 35 minutes however there was seven of us. Seven people though in a team is too many people and some of us did not even get to do any puzzles as of the size of our team. Alfie told us that we were the second quickest team to ever complete Modern Fables with the first quickest being over nine months back of just over 30 minutes.  It did not surprise me though that we done it super fast as there was seven of us and as most of the members I took along that night are escape room pros. With that said I do feel even if you are a pro or not this room is certainly better for a smaller team of perhaps four. Plus with there being so many of us I missed out on most of the story and clues so I am not entirely sure what happened to Lavinia.

With most escape rooms you are just congratulated if you win but with Modern Fables you are awarded with a goody bag full of sweets, yum yum.  I loved this fact as so unusual to be awarded as most escape rooms you don’t get anything at all, well maybe a Polaroid photo for completing. I always feel that if you have completed something within a certain time limit for any escape room you should get awarded for it so this was a great surprise.

After getting our sugary rush of munching on our sweets like naughty inpatient devils we all then posed with Alfie behind the bar before departing back down the dark alleys of South London to get back to the station.

Modern Fables the gang behind the bar

Will you be brave enough?

I would most certainly recommend this game but as I mentioned before I would recommend only playing it with a maximum of four people. Plus don’t walk the dark alleys to Modern Fables from the station alone as it is scary at night.

Modern Fables logo

To adventure within Modern Fables click here to book.

Will you be brave enough to adventure through the dark demonic rooms to discover what has happened to Lavinia
will you just run away on your travels to somewhere else?


Thanks to Modern Fables for the chilling experience and letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down to help solve the mystery of Lavinia.  The experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs and / or reviews from the other community members whom joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Modern Fables



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