Risk it or not? – Exit Productions: Revolution

Exit Productions limited brings Revolution to the Vaults in Waterloo.  Part game and part immersive theatre this show allows audiences to experience the pressures of leadership, and making political decisions.

Exit Productions: Revolution

Which faction will be end up in?

Firstly upon entering the damp cold Vaults you are presented a choice strong, freedom or principal? Depending which answer you give will determine which faction you go into.

I was taken aside and asked to whisper my choice.  I chose principal as I feel principals are important. However the other members of Love Pop ups London whom I went with chose freedom so I was split from them but never less I am sticking to my principals and sticking within my group. I have principals after all.  I was given an orange bandanna to wear.

Exit Productions: Revolution me

So just be aware like me you might be split up depending what you choose, however don’t worry you won’t be too far away from each other and when it comes to the big political meetings every 5 minutes or so you will get to meet your friends again.


Let the Revolution begin…

This whole experience is like playing one big game of Risk which involves tactical thinking, communication and team work.

There are eight different rounds which each faction is tasked certain tasks. You’ll be thinking and tasked with many objectives from:

  • which London boroughs to take over, attack or defend?
  • will you be able to bluff your allies?
  • what is your beliefs?
  • what is your parties logo?
  • what would make London better?

After each round we all gather into a big meeting area, hold political talks and have a democratic vote then we see which each borough and party each faction has attacked or defended.


Depending on how many boroughs you have taken over like the game Risk and if your fight for political beliefs win the overall democratic vote will determine how many moves you can use in your next turn to defend or attack boroughs.

However will you believe what your allies say?

So like real life politics you will have to think tactically as well as anticipating what each other fraction might do and fight for what you want to improve in London. You can also go and tell other factions the truth or a bluff that you won’t be attacking their borough or that you are aiming to takeover certain unclaimed London Boroughs.

The factions on the night

When I played this game my faction principal we were fighting for equal rights, peace and love. The freedom faction in which other members of Love Pop Ups London were in was fighting for theatres & entertainment to be free.  The people in the faction for strong were fighting for rights of people all to have a house to live in.

After 90 minutes it was the end of the night and was time for the conclusion in whom has won London’s people over with their political beliefs and tactical moves.  The freedom party was the overall winners though on this night concurring London. So all people within London boroughs are now entitled free entry to any theatre production.

The question is can you tell a lie or turn those against you to with you?


Would I go again I vote YES as each game will always be different from people’s beliefs and how people attack.  So take a RISK and go it alone and be teamed up with strangers for the night. You will be blown away with the political excitement.

Will your political beliefs and tactical thinking lead you being the winner of the night and taking over London?

Exit Productions upcoming events

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Thanks to Exit Productions: Revolution for letting me be part of the Revolution and others from Love Pop Ups London community. Freedom party fought and concurred London Borough. This was a complimentary experience but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs and / or reviews from the community members which joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Exit Productions – Revolution

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