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Inkwell Investigations is a game of murder mystery with puzzles to solve and friends betraying each other with many hidden agendas and secrets. The big question is who cannot be trusted in your group and who is the murderer?

Inkwell Investigations

Which character will you play?

After booking your game online with Inkwell Investigations you will receive a secret email from one of the Inkwell Family giving you instructions on where to go and what you will need for your investigation. Along with a list of characters which you can choose from. There are eight characters in total one being a gambler, party animal, Lady/Lord of the Manor, an adventurer, lecturer, priest, researcher and a doctor. So each can all decide beforehand who wants to be who. With all the characters being so different there was one to fit each of our personalities quite well. Plus If you like you could always dress up as your character to give the whole game an extra element of role play. However bear in mind this is an outdoor game set in a park so you might get a few funny looks from passers by.

Time starts

Inkwell Investigations box

On the actual day you’ll be greeted by one of the members of Inkwell Investigations. We were greeted by Professor Inkwell who is the current head of the Inkwell Investigations. He explains that Inkwell Manor is owned by the ever enigmatic Lord Inkwell whom is infamous for having meddled excessively with time and space. He then explains how the time machine has drastically been sabotaged and it was up to us to solve who done it with the help of letters from our past selfs whom have been sent back in time.

We were then each handed a name badge to do with the characters that we chose. Each badge on the back revealed close guarded secrets of our own and if we were the innocent party or the murderer. We had to keep this hidden. However with the name badges having the secrets on the back and stating in large letters if your innocent or guilty it was impossible to wear our badges without giving the game potentially away so we all stored the badges in our pockets. I don’t think having the secrets on the back of the badges is a good idea and maybe should be handed out separately on a piece of card away and not printed on the back of the badge.

It was then now for us to work out

  • who has broken time?
  • who has the three time artefacts?
  • who is trying to sabotage the time machine?
  • who is the murderer in the group?
  • and what is their motive?

With just an hour to avert certain disaster we had to read letters from our past/future selves, hunt for clues, solve puzzles and riddles before the malfunctioning time machine goes boom! and destroys time for ever. It was up to us to solve who was the murderer within our group.

Question is
“Is their motive to do with love, revenge, blackmail or just to destroy time itself?”


All the puzzles, clues, logic games and riddles (some requiring cunning and planning, others requiring simple skill or keen eyes) were all great fun. I loved the photo images in where we had to work out via the image where some of the hidden artefacts and clues were hidden amongst the park. The thing I did not like were all the letters though as there was far too many from our past selves to read. Some of us did not even get to read all the letters as we may have been rustling amongst the trees of the park looking for artefacts and clues. So missing crucial information in whom was supposedly blackmailing each other, having an affair etc. made it hard for some of us to have a clear idea of what was going on between each other (character). Thus making it hard to try and solve who the sabotage and murderer was and why they were doing this.

I highly recommend Inkwell Investigations as it is a very fun murder mystery and it’s lovely to be running out in the outside rather than being stuck in a stuffy room.

So if you love reading, plenty of puzzles, and cracking of locks then I definitely recommend Inkwell Investigations. Think escape rooms, murder mysteries, treasure hunts, role playing and Cluedo all rolled into one.

Book now the clock is ticking

The game can take between 3-8 players from ages 7+.

Don’t let time pass you by and book now.


Thanks to Inkwell Investigations for the time we of Love Pop Ups London community loved it. This was a complimentary experience but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click on link below to read blogs and / or reviews from the community members which joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Inkwell Investigations

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