Got to get your sausage when you can – Miss Nightingale 2018

Matthew Bugg’s wartime musical Miss Nightingale returns to London this year at The Hippodrome Casino which is the UK’s largest and most popular casino and entertainment venue in London which is located in Leicester Square.

The Hippodrome presents Miss Nightingale

The Hippodrome is a lavish popular casino which has three casino floors, a top class steak restaurant, six bars and a 180-seat theatre. It’s the biggest licensed premises in the West End and has presented some of the world’s biggest musical theatre, dance, comedy and rock performers from Julie Andrews to Prince.
Now performing hitting the spotlight the fabulous Miss Nightingale.


With the Hippodrome opening in the early 1900’s it is fitting for such a play as Miss Nightingale’s musical play as it is set within the year 1942.  The set is set up as an underground cabaret club that is up and running during the war with bombs being dropped in and around London and with many blackouts. Theatre though was a very important part of London life during the war as it was a way to escape and take your mind of bad times.
Maggie Brown (played by Lauren Chinery) gets enrolled as the new saucy singer for the underground club with her stage name being Miss Nightingale.  She is in a relationship with Tom (played Adam Langstaff) who originally gets her the job at the club. However this relationship does not last that long due to him being married. The boss of the club is Sir Frank (played by Oliver Mawdsley). Sir Frank gets into a relationship with George (played by Mathew Floyd Jones) who Maggie house shares with as is her dead brothers best friend and she took pity on him.  Maggie’s boss Sir Frank forms two different kinds of relationships. One with George which Sir Frank struggles to bring out of the shadows due to how people might react plus he forms later a relationship with Maggie to keep his homosexuality hidden and to get publicity for his club.  There is so many twists, turns, blackmail, laughs, sauciness, singing and surprises that happen during this musical bonanza that lasts approx 2 hours it most definitely is one that is not to be missed.


The story and the singing from all the cast is great and get’s you wanting to dance along to some of the saucy but yet amusing tunes. In particular I love the songs “Got to get your sausage where you can” and “The pussy song”.  So if you are looking for a fun saucy musical with scandals then this place is a must.


I have seen this musical before and that was when it was performed in the Vaults last year.  I personally feel tunnel within the Vaults was more fitting for the play with it’s dark damp atmospheric surroundings. Plus even though I liked the new cast whom are playing now I preferred the original cast whom played the main roles as I felt that their facial features and stature was more in keeping with how people looked back in that era.  Read my review for Miss Nightingale which was played at the Vaults in 2017 by clicking here.
So if you love musicals, love cabaret, loves twists, love sauciness then I highly recommend seeing this play as it is a blast!
To find out more about Matthew Bugg’s musical Miss Nightingale click here.
Miss Nightingale
To book tickets to see Miss Nightingale at the Hippodrome click here.  Be quick though as performances will be ending on 6 May.
Thank you to Miss Nightingale and The Hippodrome for letting me and a few others from Love Pop Ups London community come along to your saucy war time musical Miss Nightingale. This experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion. 


Click below to read the blogs and / or reviews from the other community members that joint me. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Miss Nightingale in London’s Hippodrome


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