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Escape London has two locations one in Shadwell and their other in Shepherds Bush. I went along with some other community members of Love Pop Ups London to initially play Escape the Seven Seas but afterwards we got to play another challenging fun escape room called Taken where we had to save Bob from a serial killer. 

More about Escape London

Escape London run various escape rooms:

  • Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Area 51
  • The Da Vinci Room
  • The Taken Room
  • Escape the Seven Seas
  • The Cabin

All of which require solving puzzles and clues. Break the codes and find the keys to release yourself to freedom from any of their escape rooms.

Each of their locations has a large enough space to wait in. So if you are early you can keep yourself amused with the plenty of challenging mini puzzles such as the Rubix Cube to play with. So if you are waiting for friends, family or colleagues or for your time slot you won’t get bored. There is also some lockers to store your coats and bags in whilst you are locked in a room.

Escape London

Escape London


Kris one of Escape London’s staff members gave us a short story to how Bob our friend has been kidnapped and how it was up to us to help the police find him. So we unexpectedly wandered into the office of a serial killer, time was ticking and the hunt was on to find Bob within 60 minutes.

This room is quite large so there was plenty of space for us six detectives to manoeuvre around in. We immediately set to task to hunt out clues and solve the various puzzles. Along the way we also came across a few surprises that made some of us jump.


We found Bob within 35 minutes and he got a grand welcome back from us all. As you can see I think he was very happy being held up amongst us ladies.

Escape London: Taken


From beginning to end this room kept us puzzling and solving various puzzles. So if you love anything to do with kidnappers or murder mysteries then this is the room for you.

Bob “You’re going to kidnap me again?”

Serial killer “No, I’ll ask you if you want to be kidnapped again?”

Bob “Yes as if I always get a welcome like I did from Love Pop Up London team of ladies then YES”

Taken is back in action and the hunt is back on for Bob.

Can you save him in time?

However if you do decide to hunt for Bob to save him from death then be warned there are a few surprise elements during the game that might make you or some of your team of detectives jump.

This game is great for for all levels however advanced escape room players may find it slightly too easy in places. All in all though a highly intense game as Bob’s life is in jeopardy after all.

Escape London celebration cards

Want to book?

If you would love to book this room or discover more about Escape London’s other rooms click here.

Escape London Taken


Thanks to Escape London for letting us come down to play we loved saving Bob from the evil clutches of a serial killer. We of Love Pop Ups London community loved it. This was a complimentary experience but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click on link below to read blogs and / or reviews from the community members which joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Escape London


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