A mini whopper sensation – Bite Me Burger

If you love burgers but never can decide which to order then Bite Me Burger mini-burgers are a great alternative. However you might fear that a mini burger might not be filling enough but trust me after two you will feel fall. The chunky mini sliders are definitely big on flavour.

Bite Me Burger in Chalk Farm

Bite Me Burger shop

Bite Me Burger has only just opened up 4 days ago in Chalk Farm so I just had to visit and the newly opened burger joint it did not disappoint. The restaurant has a large space with tables, high bench’s and has large sliding doors making this restaurant light and airy. There is also some beach balls dotted around which children loved and the big kids in us all as who does not like a beach ball.

If you have not got the time to dine in or visit they also do take-away’s and delivery’s via Uber.

Bite Me Burger takeaway

Also for a limited time if download the Embargo app you can get a burger or pastry and a coffee for free.

Slider delight

I chose the Duo selection (two mini-burgers or hot dog, costs £6). The Duo was a great way to have a taste of two Bite Me’s nine burgers. I ordered a Classic American Bite (aged grilled beef patty, American cheese, ketchup, mustard, and pickles) and the Hawaiian (aged grilled beef patty, Mezcal BBQ sauce, bacon, Swiss cheese, pineapple.). I loved both burgers as both were juicy, full of flavour, meaty and very filling. What really surprised me though was the Hawaiian burgers I never would of thought that pineapple would work with minced meat but surprisingly it did, now I am yearning to try adding pineapple to my homemade burgers. Along with my mini burger duo I opted for the sweet potato fries (costs £3.50) which were a thickish cut, redish orange, crispy but yet fluffy on the inside so moorish and highly delicious. I have never eaten sweet potato fries before and I think I have now been converted forget the normal spud opt for sweet potato.

Jason had a Duo of a Beef Encounter (aged grilled beef patty, special burger sauce, American cheese, shredded lettuce, pickles) and mini Hot Dog (traditional Hot Dog, crispy onions, tomato sauce, American mustard). He said the burger was juicy and the flavour of the meat was never overpowered by all the sauces which made it one of the most intensely flavoured burgers he has ever tasted. The hot dog he said was exactly like how an American style hot dog tastes but smaller and sweeter. He had the ordinary chips which he said was crisp, fluffy and flavoursome. He also ordered a Peanut Butter (costs £5) milkshake which was creamy, thickish and uniquely tasty.


Also the great thing about Bite Me Burger is that they also sell vegetarian options (patty is replaced with an aubergine slice) and also they sell halal burger options.

Happy verdict

We were both pleasantly happy and full when ready to leave. So we both highly recommend Bite Me Burger and I strongly suspect we both will return for a repeat visit.

So if you are in or around Camden market then I highly recommend to any meat lover, vegetarian or Halal eater to visit.

Location and opening times

Bite Me Burger Co is located at 1 Adelaide Road, London NW3 3QE.

Opening times:

Sunday – Wednesday: 11am-10.30pm
Thursday – Saturday: 11am-11.30pm

For further details click here.


Thanks to Bite Me Burger for letting me come down to munch on burgers. This was a complimentary experience but all views are my own honest opinion.

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