BBQ cooking made easy – Weber Pulse pop up

Weber is celebrating it’s BBQ season and in collaboration with celebrity chef Simon Rimmer. Weber has turned an old style London double decker bus into a mobile pop-up restaurant.  They are touring Europe’s cities and made a brief stop in London’s Kings Cross (Pancras Square) from 10th to 13th May.  Tickets costing £43.00 each it was a bargain not to be missed.

Weber Pulse bus

Lucky guests who booked quickly like me dined on the top deck of the double decker bus. We learnt about Weber products by Dan whilst Simon Rimmer gave us a demonstration.

If you did not get a spot in time or you just did not fancy dining on top of the bus then you could always still learn more about Weber’s new Pulse BBQ which was set around the bus outside.  The guys from Weber demonstrated how to cook on the Weber Pulse grills along with providing some tasty samples of food from pizza to steak.

Weber the dining experience with Simon Rimmer

On the night I went along I was lucky enough to sit at the end where the Weber Pulse demonstrations took place, so I had Simon next to me all night.  I felt like such a lucky lady as I have let’s say a slight crush on Simon Rimmer.

Weber Pulse pop up Simon Rimmer and me

Dan who works for Weber explained how Weber started out and told us about their products whilst Simon Rimmer talked obviously about food and the beauty of using the Pulse in small spaces such as your flat’s balcony as the Pulse grill was designed with city living in mind.  As with a Pulse as it is electric and not gas it can be used to transform balconies or small outdoor spaces into natural extensions of your kitchen, ensuring that all cooking smells are kept out of the home. It’s also ideal for the time-poor organised as the handy iGrill thermometer probes notify you on your phone/tablet when your food is cooked to perfection.

I even learnt that Simon Rimmer last year even cooked his turkey in a Weber Pulse which he said was moist, cooked to perfection and tasted outstanding plus he said it took the stress away of keeping a constant check to see if it was cooked as the handy iGrill thermometer probe done all the work.

“With a Weber Pulse you don’t need a garden to enjoy great tasting barbecued food as Pulse has been perfectly designed for city balconies and urban environments, which means you can now bring the taste of the BBQ into your home.”

The three course meal

For our three course meal for the night we had a Nordic salmon hot dog and a vermouth & pink peppercorn steak followed on by a salted caramel brownie all which were cooked on the Weber Pulse grill.

When it came to cooking some of us even got the opportunity to get a hands-on in cooking on the Weber Pulse grill.

Weber Pulse salmon

The salmon hot dog cooked quickly on the Weber Pulse and looked really easy to make with it being a strip of salmon and a hot dog bun.  It most truly was delicious with it’s lemon sauce which was drizzled over it.

The cuts of steak was sirloin. They were huge as you can see and I had the opportunity to help Simon put them on the grills.

Weber Pulse steak

You can work out when your steaks are cooked to perfection by the iGrill thermometer probe.  The iGrill thermometer probe links to an app via a smartphone/tablet and it will be able to let you know when the steaks are done to perfection.  So if you wanted a medium rare steak you won’t have to ever worry about over cooking it as the probe will notify you via your app once perfectly cooked to your liking.

Weber dessert

Lastly it was onto the salted caramel brownie which was also cooked within the Pulse.  It was extremely gooey and rich but ever so heavenly.  Who would of thought you could of cooked brownies through in a Weber.

Overall experience

The whole night was a great experience and one that I will never forget.

So if you love to BBQ but don’t like using coals then I highly recommend buying the electronic Weber Pulse. It has also made me consider buying a Weber Pulse myself.

Weber Pulse me


If you want to find out more about Weber click here.

Plus here is a link to a video by Weber UK with Simon Rimmer explaining more about their grill and iGrill thermometer.

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