Immersive gastronomic adventure – Gingerline Chambers of Flavour v3

Gingerline returns to East London with another installment of Chambers of Flavour.

But who are Gingerline?

Gingerline is a group of clandestine dining adventurers who have been creating nights of mystery and delicious dining along the East London Line since August 2010. From Crystal Palace to Canonbury they have taken immersive dining to the next level with adventures for London’s boldest and bravest diners-from a multi-room gin filled experience in New Cross, to a submarine mess hall in Shoreditch.

They originally started life as a single dimensional nomadic food fusion which has morphed into three distinct strands of flavoursome forays: Chambers of Flavour, Classic Gingerline and the most recent Flavourology.

Chambers of Flavours v3 has returned

Returning for it’s third installment following on from two solid years of sold out shows Chambers of Flavour hits London with even more unimaginable dining worlds.

Chambers of Flavour V3 is an immersive dining show by Gingerline which is curated by a bespoke collection of designers, performers, chefs and technicians.

I visited this weird and wonderful event and whilst my lips are sealed as to what exactly happens with the Chambers of Flavour but I can give you a sneaky clue.

On the day a few hours before guests will receive a text message detailing instructions on where Chamber of Flavour can be found.

The bar and waiting area

Once found upon entering through the door you are greeted with a welcome cocktail (non alcoholic soda optional). After checking in and getting your passport for your time slot in the meantime you can chill in the waiting lounge with a bar area. You can pre-order your drinks at the bar which you will be able to take on your journey or you can drink the night away after choosing from many drinks or even order one of their crazy cocktail concoctions.

Gingerline Chamber of Flavour 3

Whilst waiting around for the journey to inter-dimensional starts budding adventurers can watch an instructional video from one of the several booths.


Plus before starting on the journey through the chambers you are advised to wear a pair of coloured socks. So if you are not wearing any there is a sock box which you can pick some socks from to wear. This is important as when you go through the flux to multi-dimensional world your body won’t get separated if you are wearing coloured socks. It is very important. Also before your journey you are advised to drop off your coat and bags into the cloak room (free of charge), including your phones and cameras as you won’t be allowed them on your journey.

The journey

Once called and upstairs to start the journey we are all told that time travelling adventurer Sir Lionel Stirling Grey has got himself lost again in an inter-dimensional world. It was up to us to find and save him. Throughout each stage of the two-hour adventure guests get served corresponding dish’s, six inventive courses in total as there are six chambers. On the way there are an array of characters who thrust’s guests into different situations and dimensions leaving everyone wondering what will be in the next chamber, what will we all be eating next and will we ever find Sir Lionel Stirling Grey.

Gingerline Chamber of Flavour 3 me and Bianca

Made it out in one piece

This is truly an immersive experience for people who love to get involved and having a laugh but I wouldn’t recommend the experience if you don’t like immersive theatre and you are a fussy eater as this is not fine dining. Plus if you hate small spaces then again this won’t be for you as some of the rooms and maneuvering from room to room is quite enclosed and small. Plus if you have never experienced multi-dimensional dining before I advise you go along with an open mind, an empty belly and a bold spirit as it is pure madness from start to end.

Gingerline truly is a unique fun experience for those who enjoy getting involved and loves having a laugh like I do.

“Embrace the madness”

However if you are still unsure if you think Chambers of Flavours is for you read further to find out a little about what the past experiences brought.

Want to go?

What you need to know before booking?

Before you book beware you won’t know what you will be eating on the day as it is a surprise.

You won’t know what your adventure will bring as it is a surprise.

You won’t know where the location of Chambers of Flavour is until around 4pm on the day which you will receive via text.

How can I book and what else do I need to know?  

To book click here.

Provide any dietary requirements.

Provide all relevant contact information.

When you receive your ticket read it carefully.

You will receive the location via text message by 4pm on the day of your booking.

Finally keep the secret of your journey throughout the dimensional worlds!

Past Chambers of Flavours shows


Chambers of Flavour V2 (A round up)

Chambers of Flavour V2 returned the next year rejuvenated with a new multi-dimensional dining machine. It was up to us guests to seek out Sir Lionel Stirling Grey who has ventured and got lost deeper into the realms of inter-dimensional travel.

Adventuring through the chambers of the dimensional world of delicious surrealism I plus other lucky diners unleashed their competitive side on the ‘Matter of Taste’ gameshow, explored ‘Inside a Bubble’ under the sea with a mermaid, found ourselves transported to the ‘Lost Room’. As we escaped the Flux frenzy we entered into an upside down ‘Topsy Turvey’ dinner party, became the audience of a puppet show within a giant ‘Toy Box’ room before being rescued and taken back to the realms of ‘normality’.

The secret menu consisted of:

A Matter of Taste
Ice Cream: Avocado, lime, crab & coconut cone
Beans on Toast: pearl barley in apricot purée, with sobrasada, lovage & brioche
Dippy Egg: Cauliflower, butternut squash & harissa, black olive tapenade, sage foccacia

Inside the Bubble
Sea Bed Pickle: Spice-cured salmon, nori crisp, compressed cucumber, wakame seaweed, kohl rabi kimchi & horseradish snow

The Lost Room
Flux Vaccine: Meantime Pale Ale (G) & lemon sorbet with coconut & grapefruit dust

Topsy Turvy
Bunny Duck a l’Orange: Confit duck leg, pea & spring onion purée, kumquat, orange gel, star anise duck jus

Toy Box
Sherbet Lemon: Lemon Posset (M), Crumble, Stem Ginger Jelly, Lemon Sherbert, Mandarin Gel, Fennel Seed Praline


Chamber of Flavours V1

Adventuring through the chambers of the dimensional world of surrealism and food us diners came across ‘The Baron’ who sat in the trees telling us stories whilst we foraged for nests which consisted of treats. After flying the coup we then came across a automotive dream (or nightmare) which exists a mute crash test dummy. With a sense of impending Armageddon, this lonely soul improvises culinary delights, twisting a soupine supper from engine parts and tasty lubricants. Speeding swiftly into the next chamber we was taken back to olden times and greeted by Lady Arabella and her loyal butler where we ate in her dining quarters. However, spirits interrupted the service and the came to a deliciously sticky end. Next we was lost at sea where we was greeted by a Fisherman whom told some very fishy tales. Final stop was a flight home in Air Gingerline flight CF001 where a shy, retiring hostess served us the best in inter-dimensional airline cuisine, an inflight raffle and a rousing finale of ‘Every Cloud Has A Gingerlining’.

The secret menu consisted of:

The Baron
Micro herbs and raw vegetable crudité salad with a parsley hummus and truffle infused tapioca pearls.

Crash test dummy
Black tea boiled egg with spring onions, gyoza, sesame oil and motor oil soup.

Lady Arabella
Lamb shank with a blackberry and thyme jus, served with ratatouille and potato dauphinoise.

A pineapple, Sipsmith gin and eucalyptus cloudy martini.

Air Gingerline flight CF001
A lemon dessert


Thank you to Gingerline for letting me come down along with another community member of Love Pop Ups London to experience a wild journey. This experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion. 


Click below to read the blog from the other community member who joined me on the night. Her views are of her own honest opinion.


Gingerline – Chambers of Flavours v3





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