Sight, sound, smell and touch – Sense of Space

Sense of Space a free art installation ‘What’s in our Sense of Space’ popped up in Exchange Square (5 April – 25 May 2018) to re-engage peoples senses from sight, sound, smell and touch.  The exhibition was put on by graphic designer Supermundane’s to activate different senses by energising peoples mind, body and soul.

Sense of Space – What’s in our Sense of Space

Upon heading towards this exhibition I firstly went up some stairs which had been decorated with some art.

Sense of Space stairs

I then arrived at a big silver shiny square box in which Supermundane’s art exhibition was taking place. In all the art exhibition consisted of four rooms from ‘The Doodle Room’, ‘The Motion Box’, ‘The Infinity Garden’ and finally ‘The Zen Studio’.

The Doodle Room

Upon entering I was surrounded by imagery of doodles which is named the ‘Spaghetti Graffiti’. I felt like I had stepped into a child’s drawing pad.  It was visually stunning with so many different crazy doodle imagery to take in from from dogs to flowers. The whole room was covered from floor to  ceiling it really was one to embrace with your eyes.

Sense of Space Doodle Room me

“My eyes have gone all googly”

The Motion Box

The Motion Box was a blacked-out space which used recognition technology to translate your movements into an array of colour and light which focused the mind on sight and sound.

Standing on the foot pads in front of the large screen you could select from the tablets next to you different music genres to fill the room and dance or move to thus to enhance your sensual experience of sound.

Sense of Space Motion Room dance

“Let’s dance”

The Infinity Garden

The Infinity Garden was created by a floral design studio Early Hours and conveyed a never-ending, abstract meadow of blossom trees, complete with sounds of nature and floral scents to invigorate the mind and smell.

It was a pretty pink room full of trees with blossom. With the sound submerging the room and smell it really did make me feel that I had stepped into a field somewhere.  I could of literally stayed and chilled in this room for ages if I had the time as it was so relaxing.

Sense of Space The Infinity Garden me

“Have I been transported to the country”

The Zen Studio

The Zen Studio is designed for relaxation to make people stop and think thus providing a moment of thought and tranquillity from everyday life. With it’s super large pink bean bag, fluffy pillows, pastel colours, soft carpet, scent of lavender and relaxing music this certainly was a great room to take a break from the hustle and bustle of ever day life.

Sense of Space The Zen Room me

“Chill, relax, take it easy!”


Throughout the exhibition there was also some mini popped up events along with this exhibition

5 April – 18 May: The Art Bar at Exchange Square all about craft beers, wine and vegan bites

8 May: Morning yoga with Annie Clarke

10 & 11 May: Secrets of the Senses which is a night of art and food

9 & 16 May: Silent Nights cinema showing some of cinema’s classic silent movies

Until 25 May: Hornby Tantra Collaborative Works III ‘Proposals’ art to make you rethink the everyday

In the zone

This whole exhibition really did unleash all my senses from sight, sound, smell and touch and left me and my friend Billy feeling relaxed and zoned out after.

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