Yee-haw cowboy – Moonshine Saloon

Giddy up, cowgirls and cowboys, there’s a new Sheriff of cocktails in town. he Moonshine Saloon hits the Wild West of London at 535 Kings Road.

This is an immersive cocktail experience where you bring a bottle of your choice of spirits (I brought whiskey) and you smuggle it into the basement Saloon where the fantastic bartenders will mix up cocktails for you.

Moonshine Saloon

Upon entering, you are given cowboy hats, jackets and bandannas to help you really feel the part. You are then ushered into the saloon where character actors are placed to interact with you.


There is a running storyline in the saloon where quick scenes will be enacted throughout the night. The Sheriff, a particularly amazing actor in the cast, wanders around trying to find the moonshine smugglers and will also bet U.S. nickels (provided) on dice games with your table.


The actors are dedicated to their roles and stay in character the entire event, which really adds to the overall atmosphere. If you’re good, you may even be taken in the backroom to get a glimpse of their illegal moonshine experience.



This is a truly unique cocktail experience, filled with old timey music, great costumes and delicious cocktails.

I’d imagine this venue would be particularly good for an office outing (it’s different and
engaging) or a birthday party, if you have a group of friends who love cocktails and something a bit different then just ‘meeting at the pub.’

Highly recommend this experience.


Put on your boots, get on walking and swing through the doors of this Moonshine Saloon.  To book click here.


Big thanks to Moonshine Saloon for the complimentary experience.  All views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read the blog from the other community member of Love Pop Ups London who joint me on the night.

Moonshine Saloon


Regina Kenney

Co-founder of Love Pop Ups London 

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