Decisions, decisions – The Pudding Kitchen

The Pudding Kitchen by luxury pudding brand Pots & Co. popped up in London Soho just for two days (1-2 June) to showcase their products and newest puds.

As I love desserts as soon as I heard about this pop up and with it being Pots & Co. which is my favourite pudding makers I just had to book up straight away.  I went along on their first day and session with my friend Marcus to experience the delights of what they had to offer during their two day pop up.

The Pudding Kitchen by Pots & Co

The pop up

Upon entering The Pudding Kitchen I was pleasantly surprised how well decorated the pop up was done, with it’s lovely clean warm pastel colours from the walls to the chairs. The chairs where also very comfy and luxurious making the whole eating experience a relaxing and comfortable one.

Upon the tables were cute domed jars which had plants within them that had been potted in one of Pots & Co’s many coloured pastel dishes and each had a different tag showing an animal and a fact about each. The table we sat at had a Porcupine on it and the tag said

“Porcupines crave salt and often seek out salt-encrusted objects to nibble on”

Let the tasting begin

After sitting we was then asked if we wanted Prosecco or Elderflower Fizz. As I don’t like Prosecco or should I say it does not like me I opted for the Elderflower Fizz which was lovely. Marcus had water.

The Pudding Kitchen Pots & Co menu

Now time to get unrolling the rolling pin revealing how the hour would pan out. Firstly with us sampling many various luxury puddings from Raspberry & Vanilla through to Salted Caramel & Chocolate.

Decisions, decisions

The Pudding Kitchen Pots & Co Marcus taste

It was now time for us to choose our favourite. It was a very hard choice as you can see from the flavours we had to taste throughout.

Marcus chose his by keeping a bar tally of the ones he liked with the higher spoons being his favourite.

The Pudding Kitchen Pots & Co Marcus decisions

Just like me though after eating them we both preferred the Salted Caramel ones.  He chose the Salted Caramel Crème Brulee and I chose the Salted Caramel & Chocolate one as I am a big fan of anything which is salted caramel based and I am a chocoholic. Then we was given a whole pot of our chosen one each to eat.  You could say we both are like the porcupine as the porcupine loves salt so it’s favourite would most likely be salted caramel as well. Each pud though which we tasted where all very delicious with the citrus ones being very refreshing.

Now another decision we could add some toppings to our puds from the topping trolley. There was a vast choice from chocolate shavings to sprinkles. After topping it was time to eat. With each bite of my pud I took time and indulged in pleasure. It was like having an orgasmic experience with my taste-buds on my tongue literally going wild.

Take out

The Pudding Kitchen Pots & Co goody bag

Once finished we then was given a goody bag which was an ice-bag that had a pud of our choice so again I chose salted caramel (hooked see) even though I could of had a different one, a plant also was in the bag along with a cute spoon.

The Pudding Kitchen Pots & Co me

Love Pots & Co. pop up again soon

With this whole experience only costing £5 each (£10 for a table of two) it was a bargain. I wish The Pudding Kitchen was in Soho longer or even permanent as I surely would of returned again and again. Was a little piece of sheer luxury dessert heaven.

To find out more about Pots & Co click here.


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