Double, double toil and trouble – The Cauldron

A magical cocktail experience called The Cauldron has popped up in London for 4 months.

Matthew Cortland who is a technologist and a former reading teacher along with David Duckworth who is a molecular mixologist and cocktail designer came up with the concept of combining science, technology and magic. They got their inspiration from movies such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars (not endorsed, affiliated or associated in anyway).

The Cauldron

We of Love Pop Ups London had the pleasure to enter the doors of The Cauldron to experience the magic.


The Cauldron

Upon descending the stairs to the witchery world of The Cauldron I felt like a sorcerer heading on down to a land of where witches and wizards get together to have a drink.

Us budding witches & wizards of Love Pop Ups London were greeted and given robes upon entering along with a magical working wand to use and to create molecular cocktails throughout the night with.

The magical tree

Using the wand within the tree running through its branches are four different drinks to choose from.  The most popular being the Four Cauldrons which is a limited edition beer which has been specially brewed for The Cauldron by London’s Fourpure Brewing Co.

I chose the Raspberry & Vodka offering from the tree as I love vodka and fruit. It was sweet but very delicious.  I also tried some of the limited Four Cauldron beer though which one of the other blogger friends who joint me on the night had.  The beer was very refreshing, smooth and light. As much as I loved my vodka cocktail. It is a shame that I could of not grabbed another drink from the magical tree as I would of then asked it for a Four Cauldron beer.

Magical potions

The workstations throughout The Cauldron are equipped with a small cauldron, instructions along with some bottled potions.

It was time to grind and prepare ingredients to make two drinkable potions.

One changed colour and the other had to be brewed in the cauldron bubbling and smoking away.

The Cauldron

Thankfully no frog legs or spider legs where required.

The magical wardrobe

Whilst sipping on our potions and cackling away along with friends we explored the inner depths of The Cauldron’s lair and discovered a magical wardrobe. It was like walking through to Narnia but instead we headed on into a mini magical greenhouse designed and built by London Grow which is the city’s premiere horticulture and indoor growing specialists.

The greenhouse uses aeroponics and hydroponics to grow the botanicals that are used throughout the experience and real magical and carnivorous plants, such as Mandrakes, Foxglove, Monkey Jars, and Venus Flytraps. An ideal greenhouse for any witch or wizard.

My magical verdict

It was the most magical cocktail experience I have ever had the pleasure of attending. If you love magic, cocktails and the thought of being like a witch or wizard then this certainly is the cocktail experience to book.

Watch my vlog to get a better insight to see how magical The Cauldron really is

Plus with whole class lasting 1 hour & 45 mins which includes three drinks (you can buy extras), all materials, supplies and only costing £29.99, I would say that is a bargain!

Book now before it vanishes

Book this magical one hour and forty-five minute experience before this pop up vanishes.  Click here to book here.

Plus if you visit The Cauldron guests are encouraged to bring a copy of their favourite childhood book.  When the pop-up concludes, all books will be donated to reading classrooms in need in the United Kingdom.

The Cauldron us

“Double, Double Toil and Trouble”

Want to recreate at home

Want to try and recreate this experience at home then I highly recommend buying one of these.  Click on the image below to discover more information.

Thank you to The Cauldron for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London come along to the world of witchery brewing fun.  This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read all the other bloggers & reviewers opinions.  All their views are of their own honest opinions.

The Cauldron

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