On your mark, get set bake – The Big London Bake

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to be a contestant in The Great British Bake Off baking under pressure well now you can with The Big London Bake.

The Big London Bake

The Big London Bake has set up a tent in the back of The Castle at Tooting where you can don on an apron and get baking for victory. There are 10 cooking stations each which can accommodate 2 people, an apron, cooking essentials and the ingredients for the bake.

Will your bake come out to perfection or will you end up with a soggy bottom?

With just 90 minutes to bake the pressure was on for this ultimate baking extravaganza.

Every night The Big London Bake will be lending a helping hand to bakers be it to cook a tart of a cake the challenge will always be on for who will be Queen or King of The Big London Bake the night.

The bake is on

I went along with some of blogging friends. Katie and Chelsea teamed up together, Haydy and Leanne teamed up together and I teamed up with Regina to bake the ultimate tart to melt anyone’s heart.

It was time for the messy part. With just 90 minutes to whisk, roll and drizzle our way towards victory (well we hope).

Following the ingredient cards it was time to bake or create a big mess.

Step 1: Firstly make the dough

The Big London Bake workstation

Wazz it up

Step 2: Roll, prick, cook the pastry, rest

The Big London Bake tart

Squish and squash I will fit it in the tart tin

Step 3 & 4: Make the custard and jam

The Big London Bake Regina

Let’s not turn the custard into scrambled egg or burn the jam, oops!

Step 5 & 6: Fill the tart and get creative

Choosing ingredients from the creative cupboard of ingredients was time to sprinkle away.

The Big London Bake creative workstation

We decided to make a heart out of papaya pieces, fruit and chocolate. Why a heart? as we are the founder and co-founder of Love Pop Ups London and our logo is a heart and we love our community why not.

The Big London Bake Regina and me

Me and Regina love our heart tart

Here are some photos of Katie & Chelsea and Haydy & Leanne making a mess, sorry I mean baking.

Plus here is Katie & Chelsea and Haydy & Leanne final bake

Throughout the whole experience Sasha one of The Big London bakers was on hand for advice or guidance.

Judging time

Then it was time for the judging.

The Big London Bake cakes

There was no soggy bottoms in site to thankfully and everyone’s bakes looked brilliant.  Even Sasha who was judging the bakes was very impressed and she tasted each of ours and said how all of our tarts was fantastic so it was a hard decision for her.

The Big London Bake

Miraculously me &Regina came 2nd. Then Haydy &Leanne came 3rd with their lovely chocolate tart with their initials on it and Katie &Chelsea’s custard tart came 4th.

Who’s Tart do you like the look of best? 

The winner on the night was a mum and her son. They won this

The Big London Bake winning prize

They were very happy with their win. However I am very competitive so to say the least even though I was happy for them I was annoyed with myself that I never came 1st but then again I don’t know how we came 2nd considering.

Time to box up and head of home with our tarts.

Watch our experience


The whole experience was fun and stressful at the same time.  I highly recommend to anyone that loves to bake, has a team spirit and loves the Great British Bake Off as you will feel like you really are one of the contestants competing for victory.

So grab your friends, lovers or colleagues and get on baking at The Big London Bake and let the competition commence.

Plus they even do Bake Nights

Looking for a fun way to meet someone.  Then forget speed dating or Tinder as The Big London Bake does bake (date) nights.

With London’s first ever pop up bake off turns matchmaker for our first of a string of exclusive speed dating and baking events for London’s singletons aged 25 to 35.

Are you up for the challenge?

The Big London Bake is in Tooting in the garden grounds of the Castle Pub.

Thank you to The Big London Bake for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London come down to bake.  This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read all the other bloggers & reviewers opinions.  All their views are of their own honest opinions.

The Big London Bake


  1. Katie G says:

    My friend and I recently participated in the Big London Bake and had a fab time! We had 90 minutes to create a Battenberg which was a tad nerve wracking! However, the staff were super helpful and we managed to get it all done on time. I was really impressed by the number of flavours and fresh ingredients available to choose from. The judging at the end was very nice and seemed very fair. I would definitely recommend for a couple’s date night or friend night out!




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