Immersive dining recommendations

There are so many fabulous unusual and immersive dining experiences in London to experience with new ones constantly popping up. To make it a little easier to choose which one you should do I thought I would write an article of my personal top five favourites.

Immersive Dining

What is immersive dining?

Well it is where you go along to eat but at the same time watch or even get involved with performances which is happening around you as in most cases improvisation and involvement from yourself may be required.

For me though immersive dining is not just about the eating and immersiveness but it is also a great way to get more confidence, socialise and even possibly make new friends.

Here is a list of my top five unique & immersive dining experiences in London that I have experienced.

1. Dinner Time Stories

This is a dining experience like no other.  Throughout the two-hour innovative experience diners will explore the journey of “Le Petit Chef” who follows the steps of Marco Polo unique culinary Silk Road journey.

Dinner Time Story uses cutting edge 3D visual technology and effective storytelling through flavours, ingredients, sights, sounds and tastes.

The mood, music, table patterns, props and decoration all change with the chapters of the story to immerse the diner into one continuous 3D projected tale.

To get a further insight watch the vlog video created by Summertimne Raw. You won’t believe your eyes

Which part of the Silk Road journey will you love the best?

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Dinner Time Story

For more information on Dinner Time Stories or to book click here.

Note: This is on for a limited time

2. Gingerline: Chamber of Flavours  

This is a very interactive immersive dining experience which leads guests on a journey through different dimensional rooms.

Chamber of Flavours is a fusion of absurdist adventure, interactive theatre, multimedia art installation and avant-garde culinary experimentation.

Details are secret so I can’t say too much but believe me you will go on an adventure like no other and be thrown into many different situations be it at a banquet in a medieval castle or a mermaids cave.  You just won’t believe where you are.

So if you love surprises, uniqueness, food and really getting involved with the actors/actresses and other diners then this is most certainly the dining experience for you.  Just be warned go with an open mind, an empty belly and a bold spirit.

Question is do you love surprises?

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Gingerline – Chamber of Flavours v2.0

Gingerline – Chambers of Flavours v3

For more information on Gingerline or Chamber of Flavours or to book click here.

Note: This is on for a limited time 

3. Faulty Towers

If you loved the old classic sitcom Fawlty Towers which was shown back on our screens in the 70’s then you will love this.  Guests will experience a three-course meal served by the British loved Basil & Sybil Faulty and clumsy employee Manuel. There is so much chaos going on you won’t know which way to turn and beware of the flying bread rolls.

This interactive dining experience is hosted at the Radisson Blu Hotel on certain nights and promises guests a very comical theatrical performance indeed.  So as I mentioned earlier if you are a Fawlty Tower fan then you won’t want to miss this experience which brings the TV show to reality.

Who will of made you laugh the most at the end of the night?

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Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

For more information on Faulty Towers or to book click here.

Note: This is on for a limited time

4. Funicular Productions: Murder Express

On this journey passengers get to go on a journey of a lifetime.  Along the way diners will get to dine on a delicious menu which has been creatively crafted by BBC One’s MasterChef 2016 finalists, Billy and Jack.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way BUT wait stop a murder has been committed.  This has now turned into a murder investigation.

Question is will you be able to solve who done it or not?

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Funicular Productions

For more information on Funicular Productions latest immersive murder mystery dining event Murder Express or to book click here.

Note: This is on for a limited time

5. An Evening of Meat

If you love food and dance then An Evening of Meat is not to be missed as this show is just not immersive but experiential as well.

During the evening diners will get to dine on a 6 course fine dining feast all whilst watching dancers and listening to music.

On the table in front of diners there lays a female body you start to wonder if she is alright but once the music starts to play up on all fours she pops. Soon the body moves and the story starts to unfold.  It is all about strength, power and unbridled wildness.

The whole evening is to state that nobody is a piece of meat.

Will you leave with your senses be tantalised?

To get a further insight watch my vlog video as you won’t believe your eyes

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An Evening of Meat

For more information on An Evening of Meat or to book click here.

Note: This is on for a limited time 


With all the dining experiences we of Love Pop Ups London were invited on a complimentary basis in return for an honest blog

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