Poker no more – A Door in a Wall A Dead Man’s Hand

A Door In A Wall returns with their latest game A Dead Man’s Hand which is an immersive murder mystery game.

Who are A Door In A Wall?

A Door in a Wall designs and runs live action games around the streets of London. They combine narrative, puzzles and character interactions to find new ways to engage players and create unique experiences.

All of their games combine the best elements of immersive theatre, escape rooms, treasure hunts, storytelling and comedy, to create a unique immersive experience packed with mystery and puns.

A Dead Man’s Hand

I along with a few others from Love Pop Ups London community we had the pleasure to attend on a complimentary basis to blog about their latest game A Dead Man’s Hand.  As we have played several of their games before we all were highly excited and wanted to deal with the crime in hand immediately.

The story and game

A Door in a Wall poker

Poor Jack Spade a reckless gambler even though he had been dealt the right cards it cost him his life at The Underhand Club. As all those who sat around the poker table that night had something to hide. However why was Jack murdered and by who?

The only way to discover what happened on that fatal night is to explore the streets of London around Farringdon.  Characters and suspects are at nearby corners with clues, but you’ll need all your cunning skills, and maybe a favour or two from Lady Luck, to catch the killer.

The Underhand Club

Me, Hannah and Bianca met at The Underhand Club in Farringdon which is a high-stakes poker club ready for a game of poker. However a murder had been committed so there was no time for a flutter.

A Door in a Wall : A Dead Man's Hand poker

Laid upon the table at the scene of the crime were some cards as a game of poker had been played the night before but unfortunately the night ended badly for poor Jack Spade who was murdered.  Was he clubbed to death?

A Door in a Wall : A Dead Man's Hand club

We had a brief talk from the owner of The Underhand Club and the police inspector who was on the case.  We was then given a booklet which outlined what happened on the night, information about Jack, instructions on how to play Poker and clues to six locations where to visit and where we might find further clues, meet a witness or possibly even one of the suspects.  It was time for us to get snooping to flush out who murdered Jack and why?

Let’s flush this murderer out

Starting hand it was now time for us to shuffle out from the suspects who done it within two hours as otherwise the police inspector will be shutting down The Underhand Club for good.

You can select whatever order you want to visit first from the six locations so straight to it we started with the furthest first.  Each trail resulted in more information about the victim and suspects, helping us put the story together and gain a better insight what might of happened that night and why.  Whatever way you play the trails or the game you will end up having a laugh along the way maybe even possibly end up playing a mini game of golf, a quick poker game or even get dressed up to go undercover.

Back to The Underhand Club

When the two hours was up it was back to the club to fill out a questionnaire answering relative questions to the suspects and who we think done it and why.  Some of the questions were a bit tricky to answer. You will have 45 minutes to complete the questionnaire and setting out your teams theory of who killed Jack and why.

The final presentation of the true facts are then revealed and what really happened by the owner of The Underhand Club and the police detective.

A Dead Man's Hand us

“Did we win or are we playing our poker faces?”

The team with the most correct answers won a prize of casino chips and a trophy plus the team with the funniest team name won a pack of casino chips.

Unfortunately we did not win as we did not get it 100% correct, maybe 80% of what happened that night but non the less we still managed to flush out who the murderer was.

Played out well

This was a fun challenging game and a great way to spend four hours, get the brain going and burn off those calories.

As I mentioned earlier I have played many of their games before the only one thing I would say is I don’t understand why they took away the notes section from the booklet. Also for the trail paths I would give yourself 20 minutes for each as this way you will be able to get all the six trails done within the 2 hours.

Also I must add the actors and actresses played their roles out really well making it even more entertaining and amusing at parts.

All in all the whole game was amazing. So if you love immersiviness, treasure hunts and murder mysteries I highly recommend.

I can’t wait to see which next adventuring game they will bring out.

Want to book

Want to discover more or have further questions about A Door in a Wall’s latest game A Dead Man’s Hand click here.


Thank you to A Door in a Wall for letting me and a few others from Love Pop Ups London come down to play poker, sorry I mean to solve the murder of Jack. This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read the blogs and reviews from the others who came along on the day.   All their views are of their own honest opinions.

A Door in a Wall


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