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On a summer’s evening in June my brother Liam and I got the train to Brixton to enjoy a complimentary pie and sundae at Pie Minister newest restaurant.

Pie Minister

Firstly let me tell you more about Pie Minister they our an award-winning pie makers.  Their pies are made in Bristol and they use responsibly-sourced ingredients.

They use free range British meat and have a selection of vegetarian, coeliac and vegan pie which are society approved.  All their pies are also gluten free. 

Pie Minister comes to Brixton

Located off Electric Lane, in a covered street (bit difficult to find – the street is called Market Row)  is the pie shop. They have outside seating as well as a chic interior.

They offer a large variety of pies (including gluten-free pies) with choices of chicken, steak, vegetarian, and even venison. They also have different skillets that are baked in a cast iron pan and an amazing variety of sundaes for after your meal (though, fair warning, you will be VERY full after eating a whole pie!)


First, let’s start with the pies. They are MASSIVE. My brother got their signature Hurrikane pie and I got the Free Ranger pie. Though the initial plan was to split the pies, we wound up loving ours so much we barely had a bite of the other pie.

You get a side choice when ordering, and this side is at the bottom of the pie (highly recommend the Mash). You also get a cup of gravy to pour over the pie.


Pie Minister desserts

Now to the equally good stuff The Sundaes.

Man oh man, are these things amazing. With unique flavour combinations, there are eight different sundaes to choose from. I chose the Pork Pie sundae which included bacon and bourbon maple syrup and pork scratchings (very odd, but good flavour pairing!).

Pie Minister more info

To check out more about Pie Minister click here.

Huge thanks to Pie Minister for the opportunity to dine on these pastries – highly recommend grabbing a pie next time you’re in the Brixton area!

written by Regina Kenney 

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