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I have never kayaked before in my life so when I had the opportunity from Secret Adventures to kayak down from Limehouse along with some other bloggers from Love Pop Ups London I leapt like a frog out of water for the experience.

Who are Secret Adventures?

Secret Adventures brings unusual and off the grid adventures to London and beyond.  All their adventures are designed to generate a sense of exploration and wonder.

Apart from the Kayak To Crate Brewery they also run a number of other kayak trips.  They also run other unique adventures which include swimming over to a secret island to a wild camp around a fire, Husky sledding in the arctic circle and much more.


As they are a community of adventurous souls who like to explore new places, meet new people, and lead a life less ordinary bit like us of Love Pop Ups London.

Let’s Kayak 

Kitting up

Before adventuring onto Limehouse from home it was advised to wear some warm and waterproof clothes for the kayak adventure and a waterproof jacket. However, the night I went the sun was shining bright and the temperature was high so I did not end up taking any warm clothes as I welcomed getting a bit wet.  However I do recommend taking a change of clothes to change back into at the end of the experience.

I met with the other bloggers of Love Pop Ups London at the entrance of the kayak ready for our journey. 

Firstly before we could board the kayaks though we all had to sign a waiver.  It was then on with our life jackets.

Secret Adventures

Then a quick photo before we get all hot and sweaty.


We were then given a short introduction talk on what will be happening, how to manoeuvre an oar and a few health & safety pointers.   Any bags you have or change of clothes you do bring with you can be placed in a van and they will deliver it to you at the end point.


Then a quick swig of my new favourite drink Fitch Coffee to keep me alert and full of energy. 

Secret Adventures Fitch Brew & Co

Kayaking down the canals to Crate Brewery

It was now time. Before stepping in one though and rowing down one of London’s oldest canals it was firstly time to kit the kayak and myself with a Go Pro, one on the front of the kayak and one on me.  Now ready for action to take on the 6km canal.

Secret Adventures

Stepping on down into the kayak I was so nervous it was going to tip over but I was assured that the buoyancy on the kayaks are really sturdy.  Some kayaks had comfy seats with backs to them and some did not have such comfy seats. Thankfully I got one of the better kayaks.


Even though I got the hang of the rowing quickly and was reasonably easy after moving my arms back and forth after 1 hr and 30 mins I felt like my arms were going to drop off.  So I was grateful that this was a two person kayak and not a one person kayak.  I must admit though sometimes I may have sat back to take photos with my phone whilst I let my friend do most of the rowing.


On the way sailing down Limehouse Cut and River Lea we passed many birds with their chicks, warehouses unusual graffiti, unusual houseboats, Olympic Stadium and a stunning sun set.  However at one point though throughout the journey a Swan did try to attack us as we might of got a little too close to her and her young so be warned don’t go near the Swans as they will attack.  

In the final stretch of this urban kayaking adventure before getting to Crate Brewery we all had to get up close and hold onto each others kayak in a lock.  So as the water rose up the end was in sight and pizza was on my mind.

“row, row, row your boat gently down the canal. Merrily, merrily, merrily as life is an adventure with Secret Adventures”

Crate Brewery time for a pizza and beer

After a long journey we ended up at Hackney Wick where there is a nice brewery on the waters edge called Crate Brewery.  You can buy many house craft ales at Crate Brewery’s bar and even many different pizzas.

Secret Adventures Crate Brewery

I had a normal Margherita pizza and it was delicious, thin, with a nice crusty edge and full of string cheese.  What a great way to relax and pile back on those calories.

Secret Adventures Crate Brewery

Want a peek at our journey then play my vlog from below

Verdict about my kayak adventure

I thoroughly enjoyed my time rowing down the canals was so pretty and relaxing even though be the end of it my shoulders ached.  However I am so proud of myself that I actually kayaked for the first time in my life and made it with the help of my friend of course who shared the kayak with me.  For that I am very thankful to Secret Adventures for the amazing opportunity.

The only thing I did not like about the whole journey was the amount of rubbish in the canals from tyres to rubbish bags. It really is terrible what people throw in the canal waters as it can do so much damage to any animals and birds who live in the waters and it can cause damage to motors of the barges that go up and down the canal.

I would highly recommend this activity to anyone over the age of 18.  You don’t need to be an expert as even newbies such as myself can get the hang of it quite quickly and before you know it you will be wanting to be first ahead of everyone else.

Book Kayak to Crate Brewery with Secret Adventures

Want to book Kayak to Crate Brewery with Secret Adventures click here.

The whole adventure costs £45 per person and starts from Limehouse and finishes at Hackney Wick.  Price includes a two person kayak, paddles, buoyancy aids, instructors, waterproof barrels for valuables and there is a van to transport your belongings to the end point if you did not want to take on the kayak with you.

Current available dates are running through July to August from 6.30pm – 9pm.


Thank you to Secret Adventures for letting me and some others from Love Pop Ups London come down to row row down a steam, sorry I mean canal. This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read the blogs and reviews from the others who also came along that evening.  All their views are of their own honest opinions.

Secret Adventures




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