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Escape rooms are fun but even more so when there is a real history to the place and a true story which Mission Breakout does just that.

Mission Breakout

All Mission Breakout’s escape rooms are based around true events which happened in this old abandoned South Kentish Town tube station.

Their original escape game The Codebreakers is based around when the London was hit by the war.  The mission on this game is all about decoding secret messages of the Nazis, and saving the world.

Their newest escape game The Lost Passenger is based on a true story. It was said that back in 1924 soon after South Kentish Town tube station closed down, a train stopped at the station by mistake and a man absentmindedly alighted. The train departed and a pasenger named Mr. Brackett disappeared in the darkness. No one knows if he ever escaped.

Paranormal investigating begins

The Lost Passenger

I and some other members of Love Pop Ups London stepped inside the old South Kentish Town abandoned tube station in Camden, and was firstly asked to sign off some waivers before being supplied a helmet and jacket to wear.

We was then told the about how a passenger called Mr. Brackett went missing back in 1924 when a train stopped at this disused tube station and how no one knows what happened to him?

After learning the full story it was then time for me and my team to descend into the ghost tube station and investigate the paranormal activity which has been happening!

Question is
“What happened to Mr. Brackett and what will happen to us?”

Firstly, we had to get to the train which is situated underground and first thing first we had to get the lift working.  It was then onto solving the many different devices around to get the train back up and running, figure out what happened to the lost passenger and to escape with our lives.

All the gadgets, gizmos and props that were dotted around everywhere really did make the lift, engine room and train feel very real indeed. For example you’ll be using real metal levers and buttons to solve many of the puzzles and to get the train to start.

Mission Breakout The Lost Passenger me

“Give us a sign of your presence?”

Anyway I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to spoil the escape room any further.  So if you want to know what happened to Mr. Brackett and what ghostly going on’s are happening down in the disused South Kentish Town tube station then you will have to venture down yourself but I advise don’t go alone.

Mission Breakout The Lost Passenger

We luckily escaped within 58 minutes and would of hated to of think what would of happened to us if we went past the hour.


I loved this game and as I mentioned earlier the gadgets, gizmos, props and rooms are all so authentic it really does make you really feel like you have travelled back in time and using real life, old mechanical levers, etc. in which they used back in the day.  The only negative thing about this whole game though for me was that the majority of the puzzles only could be done by 1 or 2 people at any one time and as there was 6 of us some of us felt a bit left out just standing around.  Also the space was cramped in some places making it hard to move around.  My advice is if you want to play this room go with a maximum of 4 people only to get a real experience.  Plus there is a lot of dust everywhere so wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

I highly recommend to any escape room enthusiast, train lover, and horror fan.

To book

Are you brave enough to to investigate the mysterious going on, then click here to book with Mission Breakout.


Thank you to Mission Breakout for letting me and some others from Love Pop Ups London come down to investigate the paranormal activity. This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read our latest blogs and reviews of The Lost Passengers and our write ups when we played Codebreakers back last year.  All their views are of their own honest opinions.

Mission: Breakout



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