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Do you wake up in the morning craving for a coffee but just don’t have the time to boil a kettle or even turn on your coffee machine as you are in a rush to get out of the door to work?  Well worry no more as FITCH Brew Co drinks are the answer to your solution as they sell coffee in a can.  So gone are the days where coffee is only drank hot, welcome to a new world of cold coffee in a can.

FITCH Brew Co.

FITCH Brew Co is coffee in a can.  It is a new approach to coffee.  At present there are five different varieties to choose from which you can drink straight from the can.  Alternatively you can combine with alcohol to make them into a cocktail.  

How FITCH Brew Co came about

FITCH Brew Co has developed a new approach to coffee in the form of cold brew coffee. The brand has been designed to target the alcohol industry and work behind the bar with a flavour specifically developed to compliment alcoholic drinks.

The Founders

Emily Fitchett has worked within the drinks industry since 2008 at Corona where she fell in love with the people, the brands, the innovation and the buzz. She then went onto work for Pernod Ricard and Brewdog.  However she always knew that one day she would like to start her own drinks brand but was never quite sure what until she visited New York back in 2016.

Andy Deeley is passionate about startups.  After working for KPMG he craved the challenge to make more of an impact in a business. He moved to music tech startup Crowdsurge (who became Songkick) where he helped grow the company significantly in 4 years, ultimately through to an exit.

How they came up with coffee with in a can

Back in 2016 when Emily and Andy went to New York day they came across a Cold Brew and this is when they then came up with their own concept of coffee in a can.

Their mission was simple they wanted to challenge people’s perceptions about what you can do with coffee.

Crowd funded

From then it took them 6 months of building the business plan from designing the brand and testing millions of cups of coffee.  They then crowdfunded with Crowdcube their idea to raise capital to launch the business.  Just within 29 hours they managed to get the funding they needed two fold. With that they then went on to officially launch the business in June 2017 and they are now listed with 6 national distribution companies, stocked in independent and national chains around the country and have begun their exciting journey into export and retail.

More about the actual coffee

FITCH Still Cold Brew and FITCH Nitro Cold Brew are sold in cans and kegs.  Plus they sell three other flavours which can be bought in cans.

All their coffee is free from anything artificial and is sourced using only the highest quality single origin coffee beans and then roasted and grinded before being placed into a brewing tank. The tanks are then filled with tailored cold water and left to brew over 16 hours before a triple filtration process is used to procure the end result. The lengthy cold brewing process creates a sweeter and less acidic taste, giving a perfect refreshing pick me up.

All their drinks have no added sugar, vegan friendly and all brewed in the UK.

More about their logo

They chose a leopard as Emily’s surname ‘Fitchett’ comes from an old family name FITCH and their family coat of arms features a leopard with a dagger in its mouth.  So that is how the leopard design came about.  They then named the leopard via getting help from the public via an Instagram competition. They chose from all the entries Nebiri which is an Amharic (Ethiopian) translation of leopard.

Discover more

In this interesting video Emily explains further about FITCH Brew Co. from the company to the drinks

When I discovered FITCH Brew Co

I have never liked coffee so when I came across FITCH Brew Co. at Taste of London I was going to walk on by however their branding drew me to their stall.  So I got talking to the seller who told me a bit more information about FITCH Brew Co, and how nitro brewing is great.

Nitro brewing simply put is a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen. The nitrogen gives a creamy head, like a stout. The coffee then is cold brewed, put in a keg, and then infused with nitrogen.

He then convinced me to taste his Sicilian Lemon coffee in a can as I mentioned I loved lemons and I was happy I did.  With my first sip of the coffee hitting my taste buds it sent me buzzing.  I was alive and awake my senses have been opened to the new world of coffee.  I was literally blown away by the notes of coffee and the Sicilian lemon flavour that crept over my tongue.

He kindly then let me have some cans to take home to try out.

My taste journey


Cold Brew

Cold Brew Coffee is FITCH Brew Co’s Flagship Product.

This cold brew is simply cold coffee.  So if you are looking for a simple sweet tasting coffee on these hot summer days then this is it.

Best served chilled or even over ice.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

This Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is an infused cold brew which provides a smooth and very creamy finish with a great distinct strong coffee flavour.

Best served chilled and in a glass.  Give a little shake and pour into glass and sit back and enjoy.

Dark Fortune

Dark Fortune is one of their collaboration brews along with Bermondsey Tonic Water (BTW).

The sparkling amber tonic paired with FITCH Cold Brew coffee creates a natural fizzy flavour enigma of coffee hitting all your taste buds leading them into a coffee frenzy.

Best served chilled or even over ice.

FITCH Sparkling Cold Brew infused with Sicilian Lemon

The Sicilian lemon adds a refreshing zing to this coffee.  You are first hit with the tones of coffee, bubbles seeping over your taste buds and then a hint of lemon creeps in giving this coffee a great summery taste.

Perfect served over ice but you can have it just straight from the fridge.

FITCH Sparkling Cold Brew infused with Blood Orange

The infused Blood Orange adds a fruity twist to this coffee.  The coffee has a subtle orange twist giving it a sweet hit to your palette.

Perfect served over ice but you can have it just straight from the fridge.

Time to Wake Up – Grab a can of FITCH Brew Co today

With there being so many coffees out there and with so little time FITCH Brew Co is certainly the perfect choice for a quick hit of coffee and a pick me up.

So if you are in a rush but craving a hit of coffee then I really do highly recommend buying a can of FITCH Brew Co.

Get your fix

To order your coffee in a can click here

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