Fear the dungeon – Komnata Quest Saint Angelo’s castle

If you love escape rooms, horror and history then you’ll love Komnata Quest Saint Angelo’s castle dungeons which can be found under the roads of Drury Lane.

Komnata Quest

Komnata Quest is an international company who provide interesting promenade walking tours as well as escape rooms. They started out in 2014 and since then they have grown with over 111 escape games to play which are dotted over 11 countries and 45 cities all over the world.

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In London at present you can play either of these escape rooms

Saint Angelo’s castle
Doctor Frankenstein 

with more to come soon….

Komnata Quest – Saint Angelo’s castle

The Dungeon of Saint Angelo’s Castle is a place of great horror. Thousands of innocent victims of the Great Inquisition have spent their last hour in this very dungeon. Every prisoner sentenced to capital punishment was given the chance to save their own life. They were each locked in this dungeon filled with puzzles and mystical secrets for one hour. If they were unable to make it out, they were killed in the most horrible ways. Historians say that only one person managed to escape this gloomy place. He was a sculptor that reached the heights of the jewel craft. No one else has been able to make it out. The spirits of Saint Angelo’s Dungeon now await your arrival. Escape within the hour or your soul will forever walk among them.

Komnata Quest

Will we escape?

Entering towards the entrance of Komnata Quest Saint Angelo’s castle we came across a set of stocks and yes that’s right I ended up in the stocks. Thanks a lot team!

Komnata Saint Angelo's Castle - LPUL gang

Hannah, Joice, Livi, Chelsea and Joanne (me) the Love Pop Ups London team

It was time for some of us brave community members of Love Pop Ups London to discover just that.

Komnata Quest Saint Angelo's castle - backdrop wall us

“Question is though at this point what lies within Saint Angel’s castle dungeons?”

Upon entering we noticed a backdrop wall.  After having some fun with the backdrop a monk then dressed in a black robe mysteriously appears at a doorway and greets us.

Komnata Saint Angelos Castle - Monk

We then don on our robes and are told to place our hood right over our faces and shut up and place our hands on the shoulder of the person in front of us.

Komnata Saint Angelos Castle - LPUL gang facing death

Chelsea, Joicey, Hannah, Joanne (me) and Livi meeting our fate

We are then blindly led down into the dungeons. We were then individually each taken off by the monk and told to turn around. I was now facing a stone wall. I knew this as I felt around with my hands. Then all I could hear was slamming of doors and my team all screaming. It was now time for us to take off our hoods and we found that we was all locked in individual cells apart from Chelsea who was locked up in a far more interesting, and far more uncomfortable manner than the others.

Komnata Saint Angelos Castle - skull

“The door’s locked, there’s all sorts of noises, but the door’s locked!
How on earth are we going to escape?”

After an initial panic we all eventually escaped our cells. It was then time for us to explore the dungeon to solve clues and many various puzzles to escape the clutches of the dungeon and it’s ghosts.

You will not find many locks in this sensory escape room experience but instead a multiple array of different types of puzzles from coding to counting. But be warned ghosts are not the things to fear but on your journey to escape you might come across some body parts from past victims who died within the dungeons. From start to finish you truly will feel like that you are trapped in a dungeon with it’s cold walls, musky smell and props that are dotted around.

Question is will you escape within 60 minutes before it’s too late?

Komnata Saint Angelos Castle - Monk

We managed to escape with just one minute to spare thankfully.

Komnata Saint Angelos Castle - LPUL gang


This escape room is certainly one of the best I have ever played and escaped from.  The only thing I do advise though is if you suffer with claustrophobia or scared of the dark then I would give this one a miss.  The whole escape room from start to finish is so atmospheric and the story being a mixture of history and myth certainly made this dungeon escape one of the most realistic and interesting ones you can do in London.

I highly recommend to anyone who loves horror, escape rooms and not too many lock and key challenges. This escape room really will get your mind working and certainly  your heart pounding.

Komnata Saint Angelos Castle - me

“Will you survive?”

To book

Are you brave enough to take on Saint Angelo’s castle dungeons, spirits and challenges if so then click here to book with Komnata Quest.


Thank you to Komnata Quest for letting me and some others from Love Pop Ups London come to discover what laid within the dungeons. This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read the other community members blogs/reviews of Saint Angelo’s castle and blog/reviews of when some of us experienced their promenade tour The Heart of Covent Garden. All their views are of their own honest opinions.

Komnata Quest



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