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Here we go again sailing down the canals in a HotTug but this time down West India Quay in Canary Wharf which is if you did not know is part of the River Thames.

If you did not read my experience from last time when I sailed down the canals of Angel in a HotTug then you can read my blog via clicking here.

What is HotTug?

A HotTug is basically hot tubs which are submerged in water which can be steered.

Tommo and Jack the owners of HotTug UK first saw HotTugs floating down the canals of Holland and fell in love with them and so with that in mind they had to bring them to London.  So after a fund raising campaign and exceeding their target they then opened their business here in London back in July 2017.

All the HotTugs are hand made in Holland by Frank de Bruijn who is the inventor of the HotTugs.  Each HotTug can hold up to 1,800 litres of water and the water is kept warm by the wood-fire burner at 38 degrees so no matter what time of the month it is you will never feel cold.   Each HotTug is powered by a quiet electric motor and can move up to speeds of 3 miles per hour. The whole experience lasts 90 minutes (15 minutes tutorial and 75 minutes sailing in the HotTug).  Each HotTug holds a maximum of 7 people.  You can also take drinks on board with you.  There are toilets, changing rooms and showers at their site in Angel but the one in Canary Wharf has a tepee to change within at present.  Plus there are no toilet facilities at present but they are seeking a licence. However you can use nearby toilets within a pizza restaurant whom they have an agreement with.

HotTugging down Canary Wharf

HotTug Tommo and me

Upon arriving at HotTug I was greeted by the lovely Tommo who showed me around their newest location which has only been open for a couple of days.  This one is much bigger and more built up than the one in Angel making it very interesting from the start.

This is our HotTug for the evening which is being filled up with fresh water ready for us bloggers.


Whilst waiting for the others I used my time to practice with FujiFilm XP latest waterproof camera which they kindly lent me in exchange of a blog.  Click here to read more about FujiFilm and click here to read my blog.

HotTug me FujiFilm

HotTug me FujiFilm

After a short wait the other bloggers who were joining me that night turned up, some from last time and some others that have never sailed in a HotTug before.

We was all a tad worried as the night was quite cold as it had only just stopped raining so the sky was very over cast.


Then for a quick run through of the rules and regulations by Tommo it was time for our HotTug experience to start.

HotTug Tommo rules and regulations

On with our swim wear and time to go.  Katie got in first followed by the rest of us.

HotTug Katie

We were all relieved once we stepped into the HotTug and sat down in the toasty water of 38 degrees.

HotTug us

It was then time to set sail down West India Quay.  Gemma was chosen to be captain and to sail the HotTug as she was the only one not to be drinking.

HotTug Gemma

Let’s go James (sorry I mean Gemma)

We was even given a map so we don’t get lost but trust me you won’t get lost.

HotTug Map

Whilst Captain Gemma steered down the canals I and the others enjoyed some drinks.

HotTug Kariss and Haydy

Some of us enjoyed a couple of bottles of Fentimans newest drinks ‘Gin and Rose Lemonade’ and their ‘Sparkling Raspberry’ which all were very nice, fizzy and fresh tasting which they kindly gave us to try out.

HotTug Fentimans

HotTug Katie

HotTug Regina and me

Cheers Fentimans

I also enjoyed a can of Fitch BrewCo which is a fantastic alternative to drinking hot coffee as this is coffee in a can with a twist.  Read my blog on Fitch Brew Co via clicking here.

HotTug Fitch Brew Co

This experience is vastly different to the one in Angel as Canary Wharf is very built up with many office buildings, bars and restaurants around.

HotTug Canary Wharf

So whilst sailing down in the HotTug let’s say there was quite a number of onlookers with them all waving and taking photos of us made us feel a bit like celebrities.

HotTug Steve

HotTug us

If however you are quite shy then I would recommend HotTug Angel location instead.

At a certain point during the ride down the canal the chimney had to be lowered down to get under the bridge and then put back up which was certainly interesting as you don’t need to do this at their location in Angel.  When we got to a junction point it was then time to turn back around and head back to the harbour, alas.

HotTug Steve and me

After exiting from the HotTug and getting dressed I posted out about our time on Instagram along with a poll to see which canal people would love to HotTug down and the results are as follows:

HotTugg instagram

Question is which would you prefer though?

Here is also a short video of our experience:


So if you are looking for a fun way to sail down canals of London then I highly recommend HotTug. There was plenty to see and many bridges to sail under making it fun and interesting.

However if you are concerned about being looked at by office workers in this built up area then I would recommend their other location in Angel which is a quieter area and not as built up.  This certainly would be a great idea for a party celebration, stag/hen experience or even a romantic date or perhaps even a fun alternate place to propose to your loved one as who needs a gondola in Venice when you have HotTug in London.

Book with HotTug

To book a HotTug click here.

The cost to sail in a HotTug is £225 and can seat a maximum of 7 people.  You can also take on your own drinks. However there is a limit if alcoholic (2 cans of beer/cider, half a bottle of wine or 2 premixed spirits).


Thanks to HotTug UK for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down for a HotTug experience down the waters of Canary Wharf. The tour was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.


Click below to read the blogs and / or reviews from the other community members of Love Pop Ups London whom joined me during that evening and when we sailed down the canals in Angel. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

HotTug UK



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