Roll up it’s time for a beer – Lagunitas Beer Circus

Roll up, roll up all beer and circus lovers as Lagunitas Beer Circus is in town.

Hopping across the pond Lagunitas Beer Circus came to Flat Iron Square, London for one day only (18 August) for the very first time.  The space was transformed into an all singing and dancing circus, complete with a Ring Master, clowns, circus performances, music and BEER.

Lagunitas Beer Circus greatest show in town

Lagunitass Beer Circus

We are ready for the Lagunitas Beer Circus.

Releasing our inner clown within

I went along to this wild adult-themed circus with some others of the Love Pop Ups London community and we were wowed from the very start from indulging in Lagunitas Beer to being entertained by the circus performances.

Lagunitas Beer Circus

We drunk so many different beers during our time at the Lagunitas Beer Circus it is hard to say which I preferred but if I had to choose one I must admit I did love the Fudge and Sickle which was vanilla fudge and chocolate stout but then again I am a chocoholic.

Lagunitas Beer Circus

On top of the beer we also let our inner clown out and mingled with many performers in the afternoon from fried eggs to mime artists’s.

Lagunitas Beer egg

Meeting these two fried eggs me and Gemma and the others who joined me we knew it was going to be an eggcellent afternoon.

Lagunitas Beer me

Got dressed up by this drag queen designer but who wore their costume best me or him?

Gemma really knew how to strut her stuff.

Lagunitas Beer Gemma and me

Lagunitas Beer Jason

Jason wanting to be a Umpa Lumpa or perhaps a Lemming.

Some of the Love Pop Ups London community gang having selfie with a singing egg.

The great blow off.

Lagunitas Beer mime artist and me

Kissing challenge.

Lagunitas Beer me, Joice and Livi

Me, Gemma and Livi we are six eyes.

Lagunitas Beer Circus Haydy and me

Haydy and me.

Lagunitas Beer us

We even got to play some circus games and won some prizes.

I beat Liam and his friend at the face splat.

Lagunitas Beer hit

I am just too weak.

Lagunitas Beer ball throw

Ball challenge on.

Lagunitas Beer thumb wrestle

Thumb wars – I lost.

Lagunitas Beer Liam and me

Plus enjoyed some music and circus entertainment whilst enjoying our beers.

Lagunitas Beer clown and art

The clown is a true artist.

Lagunitas Beer clown

Lagunitas Beer hang

Hanging by his skin.

However the best thing about this circus is that all proceeds will be donated to the Wild At Heart Foundation who help re-home stray dogs.  They also help organise rescue projects, neutering programmes and put on education initiatives.

Roll up again soon

This beer circus truly was the ultimate celebration of beer and circus fun.  It was a place to free and release our inner performers within ourselves by embracing being alive, and being part of a community without worrying what others around us might think as there is a big kid in all of us still. 

I hope Lagunitas Beer Circus roll up again soon in London.

Lagunitas Beer

To find out more about Lagunitas Beer click here.


Thanks to Lagunitas Beer Circus for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down to be entertained and to drink beer.  I went along with others on a complimentary basis in return for a blog but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs and/or reviews from the other community members of Love Pop Ups London whom joined me.  All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Lagunitas Circus


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