A purrfect escape room – Omescape Kingdom of Cats

I went along the other night with some others of Love Pop Ups London to play Omescape escape game Kingdom of Cats which which is based in their second base in Aldgate, with many more new escape rooms to follow.

Who are Omescape?

Firstly let me tell you more about Omescape.

Omescape in London is the UK’s premier escape room game, brought to you by the world leaders in live immersive experiences. They have been global leaders since 2012 with over 30 branches across Asia, Eastern Europe, America and Australia. Their objective is to design and create the best escape room experience in the world where players work as a team to explore, find clues, solve puzzles and mysteries to beat the clock.

They have a number of escape rooms over the world but they have two situated in London so far.

In their King’s Cross branch you can play:

  • Joker’s Asylum
  • Biohazard Laboratory
  • The Penitentiary
  • Mind Horror (VR)

In their Aldgate branch you can play at present:

  • Kingdom of Cats

Discover more about these games and their stories via clicking here.

With Omescape escape rooms you will be challenged and experience a game full of thrills and adventure. With movie-like sets, professionally designed puzzles, high tech props and automation, Omescape brings Live Escape Game in London to a whole new level.

Kingdom of Cats

Omescape Aldgate

Stepping into Omescape in Aldgate we entered into a large dark reception room with sofas and a very large Omescape logo lit up giving some light giving you that mysterious feel from the start.

Once in we were all itching to get into the Kingdom of Cats like cats with flees however firstly we had to listen to the ground rules, the story and mission of the game.

We learnt that we will be entering the secret world of Kingdom of Cats which is a world ruled by cats which humans are not allowed to enter.  However once we enter we were told we could not return to our world via the same door we came through and if we were caught in the land of cats that we will be sentenced to death by a thousand scratches.  So there will be no time for a cat nap.  To help us escape though we was told that along our journey through the Kingdom of Cats that some animals will help us humans make it back to our world before King Jasper catches us and uses us as his new scratching post.

So the challenge was on and it was up to us to escape with our lives, in this case we did not have 9 lives but just 60 minutes to find the cat flap I mean door to escape before being caught by King Jasper.

Venturing into the Kingdom of Cats

This game was fun with so many different types of puzzles to be had from measurements to counting with each puzzle being connected very well together and keeping with the whole theme.  I can’t say too much without giving the game away and spoilers but all I can say is listen to what the cats have to say over the speaker as it is helpful advice and pay attention to the paintings around the room for clues.

Question is will you be chasing your tail in this game or will you be the cat that got the cream by escaping within the 60 minutes.

Thankfully we manged to escape within 48 minutes which we were told is excellent for a team of five.

Omescape Aldgate Kingdom of Cats


All in all this was a very fun game especially if you love cats as there was so many of them (not real) dotted around the place. One of my particular favourite parts was the sniffing challenge within a section of the game.

I went along with four others and I think a team of five or four is about right for this room.

I would class our skill set in solving puzzles in the mid range that is why we manged to escape in 48 minutes.  However if you are experienced at solving puzzles and cracking escape rooms then Kingdom of Cats might be a little too easy as there is not a lot of thinking outside the box needed but if you love rooms with a great story this certainly does that.

So if you love escape rooms, cats, a fun story line and great puzzles from numerical to sniffing then I highly recommend this game as it is simply pawtastic.

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Thanks to Omescape for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down scratch our way out of Kingdom of Cats. The game was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs and/or reviews from the other community members of Love Pop Ups London whom joined me to venture into the Kingdom of Cats. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

Omescape London


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