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The time had come on this chilling night for seven of us from Love Pop Ups London community to take on the London Escaped Prisoner which is a very new escape room company which is based in Aldgate East.

London Escaped

London Escaped has only recently opened up bringing to London two atmospheric games with more to come.  At present they have one called the Prisoner and the other Da Vinci.  Like all other escape rooms the mission is to hunt for keys, find clues, solve puzzles and to beat the clock within 60 minutes.

London Escaped

Photo provided by London Escaped

Upon entering London Escaped reception I was pleasantly surprised as the space was huge and had plenty of games to play from table tennis through to pool with a few puzzle type games and even a Nintendo Switch console to play.  The staff were friendly and greeted us with a drink and explained to us about the room in which we was about to take on.


The Prisoner known as The Bloody Elbow. It is the time of the Holy Medieval Inquisition around the 14th century. You have all been accused of witchcraft and imprisoned awaiting your death by the hands of an executioner nicknamed “Bloody Elbow”.  He is infamous for his love of using horrifying torture to obtain confessions of your crimes, this often lead to a slow and agonising death if you were lucky, “Bloody Elbow” has left you for a rest between the bouts of torture, this is your chance, you have 60 minutes to escape your hideous dungeon and change your fate forever.

Written by London Escaped

Prisoner skill set is rated medium.  It can be booked for two to ten people.  We went in as a group of seven however I think that was slightly too many and would advise a minimum of three and maximum of five people.

Before we entered the prison we were divided into three separate groups.  So we were split up into three sections.  Chelsea being by her lonesome, Joice and Laura as a pair followed on with me, Paula, Jason and Milena as a group of four.  We then were hooded with a bag over our heads so we could not see what was to come next whilst we were guided into the dungeon.   All our hearts started to race and wondered what we had let ourselves in for.

Joice and Laura were taken in first, then followed by us four and then Chelsea was bought in.  We were all locked up in cells apart from Chelsea who was handcuffed in a room.  The challenge was on to escape before being tortured to death for our sins of witchcraft, which obviously is not true as we are wrongly accused and are in fact innocent.

After we had all been locked up we was then told to take our hoods off and we noticed straw everywhere, items of torture, corpses and body limbs all making everyone feel very nervous indeed but there was no time for our fears to take over and it was on with the great escape.

Photo provided by London Escaped

This game was very atmospheric and definitely involved a lot of scream from us all.  There is not really any puzzles apart from maybe one or two to be solved in this game it is more about hunting for keys and unlocking locks to find more.  Plus one physical element at the very beginning which the individual person who is taken in has to do.  In our game it was up to Chelsea but I won’t say what it is as that is for your to find out but let’s just say this task has to be performed for all of us rest to be freed from our cell. You might think that hunting for keys is easy but trust me it is not as the room is dimly lit and if you are on the screamish side and you are too afraid to take the plunge say put your hand in a hole or into the guts of a corpse then your time will start to die away.

Thankfully after plenty of screams we manged to escape with our limbs in tack within 48 minutes.

London Escaped Prisoner

Will you be brave enough?

This truly is for any die hard horror fan and anyone who loves to hunt for keys rather than solving clues.

Horrifically good

This certainly was one of the most realistic, atmospheric, scary, but yet fun escape rooms I have ever done.  The whole dungeon, rooms and the props were truly amazing making it feel like we were really locked up back into a 14th century torture prison.  It also made me think of movies such as Hostel, The Hills have Eyes and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

As mentioned before this game is not really about solving puzzles or working out clues it mainly involves opening locks and hunting down keys to move on.

So if you love hunting, unlocking locks, darkness, and horror then I highly recommend getting locked up for witchcraft in this prison at London Escaped.

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To find out more about London Escaped or to book click here.

Plus me and some others played Da Vinci if you want to read my blog on this one click here.


Thanks to London Escaped for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down to scream our way out of the Prisoner.  The game was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs and/or reviews from the other community members of Love Pop Ups London whom joined being locked up with me. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

London Escaped


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