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I went along the other day with one of my great friend Bianca and her friends to play a test run of AIM’s newest and most technology based escape room in London ‘Spy Heroes’.


AIM is one of London’s newest escape rooms to hit London.  Their escape rooms take players to a new high with an experience like no other with extreme high tech cutting edge challenges, complex narratives, hyper realistic sets and props along with great unique stories. So gone are the days of locks, combinations and keys. AIM offers a fully automated escape room experience.

At the time of writing this AIM has four escape rooms.

  • Psychopath’s Den
    Trapped within a dungeon cell can you escape a dreadful fate in this horror type escape room, or will you become another blood stained, or blood drained, statistic?
  • Patient Zero 2150
    Contain the bio-threat, secure the facility and escape uninfected.  Will you be able to save the world from the outbreak?
  • Hangover Déjà Brew
    Morning after attending a stag night waking up in a locked hotel room with dishevelled bodies and empty bottles and with the groom is missing.  With just 60 minutes it was time to try and piece together the events of last night and get out to find the groom to save the ceremony.  Will you save the day?
  • Spy Heroes
    James has gone off-grid and you need to check if he’s OK.  Visiting his restaurant to check on him the door slams shut behind you and your trapped inside.  You then discover a note on a table telling you that James is actually an international spy and that his HQ and he has been taken.  Will you be able to save him?

Spy Heroes

“You’re going undercover. Your friend James has gone off-grid and you need to check if he’s OK. You swing by his restaurant – the lights are on but James isn’t home. Inside the door slams shut, trapping you inside. James liked his security high end. A note on the table tells you that James is actually an international spy – this is all a cover for his espionage escapades. It’s his HQ and he has been snatched by the henchmen of his evil arch enemy  Mr Supervillain. You must solve all the puzzles and clues in the room and deploy the huge array of gadgets to save your super-spy pal. As well as hardware and gizmos, you’ll need to think with the cunning of an ace agent – logic, speed and daring are required. Great for all the family – 6 to 60 welcome.”

written by AIM Escape

Spy Heroes skills set is rated medium.  It can be booked for up to five people for ages six plus.

Upon entering the restaurant to find James we discover that his real job is as an international spy and that he has been taken by his arch enemy called Mr Supervillain. It was up to us to rescue James and save the world from being destroyed by Mr Supervillan.

Firstly we had to try to find and crack into James’s secret lair and take on a few missions to prove to the secret agency that we can actually help save James and stop Mr Supervillian from the mass destruction he is impending to cause.   Once through I felt like I had been signed up on her Majesty’s Secret Service.  Without giving too much of the mission away and for our eyes only as this is of a high national security secretly for just us agents but we had to solve varied mathematical issues, find objects, decode routes and ducking & diving through a complex laser system leaving us a little shaken, but not stirred.

We completed the mission saving James and the world within 48 minutes leaving everyone safe and time to die another day.

This is for your eyes only.

AIM Spy Heroes

Tim and I all keeping the British end up.

Mission completed

With this mission being full of high tech challenges it really did make this escape room totally different to any other escape room I have ever played.  I especially loved the laser challenge and the whole story was like James Bond really making it exciting and interesting making me feel like I was an actual spy on a mission.

So if you love James Bond and high tech challenges then I highly recommend this room as it is a pure diamond and one that I will remember forever.

Spy Heroes is in fact now one of my top escape rooms within London and it left me on an all time high!

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