Time is fleeting – Komnata Quest Doctor Frankenstein

If you love escape rooms and Frankenstein then you’ll love Komnata Quest latest atmospheric escape room Doctor Frankenstein.

Komnata Quest

Komnata Quest is an international company who provide interesting promenade walking tours as well as escape rooms. They started out in 2014 and since then they have grown with over 111 escape games to play which are dotted over 11 countries and 45 cities all over the world.

To find out more watch the video below

In London at present you can play either of these escape rooms

Saint Angelo’s castle
Doctor Frankenstein

with more to come soon….

Komnata Quest – Doctor Frankenstein

You’ll become students of Doctor Frankenstein for an hour.  Entering upon his laboratory you’ll have to work out what has happened to the Doctor and wake up his monster all within 60 minutes whilst working out a variety of puzzles.

Time is fleeting

Some of us from Love Pop Ups London were invited down to help discover what happened to the Doctor.

Upon jumping through the doors towards his laboratory blackness hit us and time was fleeting and madness taking toll the challenge was on.

Firstly we had to work out how to open up the medieval-style gates to Doctor Frankenstein’s laboratory of secrets, all which lead to his life’s work.

Once through there lying completely lifeless behind some glass in another room was his creation. It was now time for us to discover what happened to the Doctor Frankenstein and how we could reawaken his monster.

Whilst in the room listen closely for any clues as you might just need them in this astounding atmospheric room.  Got to keep control not to loose our nerve, with a jump to the left, step to the right a twist of a knob and click of a lock we will awake Frankenstein’s monster.

Then boom 34 minutes of time warping through Frankenstein’s laboratory the monster awoke.  It shook-a me up, he took me by surprise, I starred into his devil’s eyes and felt joy that I and my friends of Love Pop Ups London helped raise the monster from the dead.

We pelvic thrust-ed our way out through the exit feeling astounded.

“Question is though will you be able to keep control and hold your nerve?”


The game play throughout Doctor Frankenstein was logical and intuitive, and really did captivate the story of Frankenstein.

There are many different unique puzzles, riddles and clever machinery to work out within this escape room with four parts being major milestones which reanimate a different portion of Frankenstein’s Monster.  Successfully achieving each objective in the proper sequence will fully reanimate the monster, eventually allowing the animatronic monster to actually sit up and rock back to life!   There were times though which some puzzles had us running back and forth from one room to the other, which brought a sense of energy and panic to the whole game.

Doctor Frankenstein really did deliver an astounding atmospheric game bringing a classic story to life so if you are a fan of Frankenstein and escape rooms I highly recommend this great new and fresh concept.

The only warning I would make players aware of is that this escape room is darkly lit plus the use of a smoke machine is used in this escape room at a certain point.  So please take that into account.

The game can be played by adults or children (from 12+).  However children under 12 can play as long as supervised with an adult.

As an experienced player, as I have played over 30 escape rooms since this one I would recommend having at least four players.  However if you are really experienced then it is plausible to complete this as a couple.

So if you love the story of Frankenstein and atmospheric rooms then I highly recommend this room.


Are you brave enough to awaken Doctor Frankenstein’s monster? If so then click here to book with Komnata Quest.


Thank you to Komnata Quest for letting me and some others from Love Pop Ups London come to awake Doctor Frankenstein’s monster.  This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

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Komnata Quest


Throughout my blog I used quotes from
The Time Warp – Rocky Horror Show

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