What’s your pleasure? – Divine Proportions

Divine Proportions hits London this Autumn which is an immersive, erotic, provocative, gender-bending theatrical dinner cabaret from the producers Shotgun Carousel shooting into London this Autumn.

Me and some others of Love Pop Ups London had the pleasure of being invited to feast with gods and goddesses for a night.

Shotgun Carousel

Firstly let me tell you a bit more about Shotgun Carousel.  They are one of London’s most exciting new production companies which is female led . They bring multi-disciplinary performances to events. They are renowned for their finest detail from their characters, creatures, costumes and set design.

Produced by immersive party creator Laura Drake Chambers and designed by immersive theatre expert Samuel Wyer (Alice Underground, The Twits) and directed by co-founder and director of Pecs: The Drag King Collective Celine Lowenthal.

The cast is made up of some exciting names in contemporary theatre and cabaret.

Dionyaus will be played by Helen White and Leah Kirby who share the role.  Both have recently had successful shows at Edinburgh Fringe and performed at Soho Theatre, The National Theatre’s River Stage and Lyric Hammersmith amongst others.

The roles of Aphrodite and Persephone will be held by the award winning theatre-maker, writer, cabaret artist and goth Molly Beth Morossa and multi talented cabaret artist and award nominated showgirl Charlie Bouquett.

The Maenads will be played by Rosy Pendlebury, Dajana Trtanj, Alana Bloom and Porscha Bennett-Skepple.

Divine Proportions

Divine Proportions will take guests on a story of Dionysus (God of pleasure and mischief).  Guests will head to heaven and back through the depths of hell by Dionysus and other goddesses all whilst divulging a five course feast which was inspired from Greek mythology, with each course specially curated reflecting a key figures from the myths of Ancient Greece, all whilst being entertained with performances and dance.

Becoming a goddesses

Glittered up to the nines I headed through the tunnels to The Vaults to take my journey up to the clouds of heaven with gods and goddesses.  After walking through the fragrant, floral corridor I eventually walked into a world of paradise.   Greeted with cocktails by Dionysus it was time to let my hair down and party like a god.

Divine Proportions

Whilst dancing and waiting to be taken up to the clouds of heaven we were served some fresh sour dough bread from the gods and goddesses accompanied with a bowl of balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil to dip in.

Divine Proportions

A few of the gods after serving the bread then started to dance and mingle with the audience introducing themselves.

Eventually it was then time for the rituals to begin.  Dionysus, the god of mischief, then appears and bursts into song leading us all having a good old sing song before entering the realm of the Gods.

Each called in groups we eventually are called upon and we venture up into the clouds.

Divine Proportions us

Upon entering the clouds we saw a room, sorry I mean heaven.  It was elaborately decorated with so many clouds around and above up, gold decor and forbidden fruit hanging from tress branches above our heads.

On the long tables sat some appetisers which the god’s called The Cornucopia (Horn of plenty).  It consisted caper berries, artichoke hearts and olives.

Whilst nibbling away the gods bring a sizzling atmosphere with erotic performances and intermingling with the audience to find out our pleasures and darkest secrets.

Divine Proportions lemon

Aphrodite then comes out and introduces herself in a burlesque style way as she is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation after all.

Divine Proportions

She just oozed sex appeal and I am sure she only ever thinks about sex. She probably if she had her way name each day of the week as Moanday, Tongueday, Wetday, Thirstday, Freakday, Sexday and Suckday.

After getting everyone steamy and hot under the collar after her performance it was then time for our next course which was appropriately a fish course.  This dish was called Jupiter’s (Zeus).  It was pink coloured sea bass ceviche, served with a seaweed salad, pickled cucumber, shaved fennel, orange puree, puffed amoronth and toasted sesame seeds. The fish was delicious and delicate but the seaweed salad for me was not too my liking as it was very salty.

Divine Proportions starters

The main course was called Bacchus (Dionyssu).  We were served roast guinea fowl breast, celeric puree, new caramel potatoes, honey doused carrots and beetroots, romanesco hearts, charred sweet corn, balsamic pearls in red wine sauce. It was divine.  The meat was cooked to perfection being so moist.

Divine Proportions mains

With some further wild, kitsch and raunchy cabaret shows from various goddesses it was then time for a quick frozen drink called Mercury’s (Hermes) which was a cardamon vodka mixed with Riesling bitters, Limoncello and turmeric. 

Divine Proportions

Shortly after dessert was served.  They called it Juno’s (Hero) which it truly was.  It was a white chocolate, coconut milk and honey ganache topped with pomegranate, figs and flowers.  The consistency of the ganache really worked well together giving it a milky sweet flavour.  It reminded me a bit of Raffaello’s.

Divine Proportions dessert

The end of the evening was nearly up but before we could put our spoon down after indulging in our heavenly dessert Persephone appears.  Persephone is the queen of the underworld and the Goddess of harvest and fertility.  She started to attract the attention of not just the gods and goddesses of the night but she put a spell on us all, she was dangerous and mesmerising.

Divine Proportions Underworld

We were then led down to the Underworld and we watched Persephone play with fire taking our minds and thoughts deep within our soul.

My soul was released

This was a truly a unique night like no other and made me want to burst out into song and release all my sexual desires.  If you love cabaret, burlesque acts, music and food you’ll love this erotic immersive performance.

This is definitely a unique supper club with a difference and one that you will not want to miss.  So open up release your inner sexuality and desires as this truly is an extravagant evening which awaits you!

Divine Proportions promises to be an evening fit for any Gods and Goddesses.

Are you brave enough to let yourself go and reveal your sexual desires to Dionysus?

Book your spot in heaven

Divine Proportions is running from 14th September – 12th January 2019 with tickets starting from £35.

Click here to find out more and to book.


Thank you to the Goddesses of Shotgun Carousel for the invite we who came along loved it.  This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

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Divine Proportions


Credit: photos by Steve Peca

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