Yo-ho-ho and a treasure of food – WeFiFo presents Treasure Island by The Literary Hour

I was invited via WeFiFo to join Long John Silver at The Literary Hour latest immersive dining supperclub pop up based on Treasure Island.

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The Literary Hour

Let me tell you further about Literary Hour who have been a sell-out successes over the last few years.

A group of friends (Jude, Simon, Helen and Julian) two years ago got together to create amazing inspired feasts by taking inspiration from their favourite authors and love of entertaining. They decided to share their passion by putting on supperclubs.

They have delighted diners with various numerous feasts from Narnia to Around The World In 80 Days.

Their latest supperclub Treasure Island which is inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s buried treasure escapades comes to Clapton, London. During the immersive supperclub there will be the usual top secret Literary Hour culinary surprises peppered throughout the evening as well as readings to accompany and contextualise each course.

Tickets for their adult inspired supperclubs usually are priced around £50 which includes a welcome cocktail, 4 courses and some Literary Hour surprises and culinary treats smuggled in along the way. There’s also the choice to purchase a drinks flighting, (a glass of prosecco, a cocktail and two glasses of wines) perfectly paired to compliment the mouth-watering creations.

Treasure Island

Walking the plank

We stepped onto Long John Silver’s deck of his ship at 6.30pm. Long John Silver greeted me and my husband and other guests were told to explore the island and enjoy a welcome cocktail and some canapés.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island the bar

The Literary Hour Treasure Island drink

The Literary Hour Treasure Island Salt & Vinegar Samphire

The Literary Hour Treasure Island porthole surprise

The Literary Hour Treasure Island porthole surprise

We even played a game of coconut shy

The Literary Hour Treasure Island coconut

and swung on a swing.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island swing

The Literary Hour Treasure Island

Table fit for a pirate

It was then all hands ahoy to our tables at 7pm as it wouldn’t be a sailor’s life without enjoying tinned, salted, dried and smoked goods, but diners needn’t worry as on this journey you won’t be catching scurvy.

Upon our tables was a game of Battleships with the ships being one of our canapes for the evening. Even a bottle with our name and message in it (menu).

The Literary Hour Treasure Island table setup

This was the menu for the night.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island menu

They based all the food on fermented, cured, salted and smoked items to reflect how real pirates and sailors live on whilst sailing the high seas.

Whilst waiting for our first course me and my husband just had to play a game of Battleships.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island map

I won sinking all his ships, boom!

Finding the booty

Long John Silver then appears at the crows nest so we had to avast ye and listen to what he had to say. We was told of a hidden booty that we had to try and discover and the way to do this was by hunting out secret letters and answering riddles to get to the answer of where the treasure was hidden.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island pirate

Avast ye

Here are some of the puzzles & riddles we had to figure out to gain a letter to figure out the word of where the booty might be hidden in.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island game

Which letter is missing?

The Literary Hour Treasure Island riddle

Do you know the answer to the riddle?

So after hunting around for more clues we eventually figured it out with some other diners which we got chatting to on our table, Ahoy matey. The word was coconut. However we had guessed two of the letters but to be able to win the booty we had to solve where all the answers could be gained. So the hunt was still on. One of the letters we had to adventure into Long John Silvers secret cave and have a grog with him, so down the hatch. We discovered the other missing letters just before our smoked dish’s so we was not the overall winner as we was not the fastest.

Food is served

For starters we had Pickled, Fermented & Smoked Mackerel.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island mackeral

This dish was not really to my liking as I have never liked mackerel but if you do like mackerel it was presented really nice and the fish did look of a very good quality. For vegetarians they were served Cured & Pickled beetroot.

Followed on with Brined & Salted courgette.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island courgette

This dish was ever so tasty, the courgette was hot and the filling in the flower was creamy and scrumptious. The salad of chopped up apples and vegetables gave the whole dish an added texture and sweetness. If I could get into the kitchen I would of commandeered the chef for more.

Then we was give a little treasure of a bisto jewel to create a soup out with.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island beef

Next after cleansing our palettes it was onto the Corn of the Cob and a selection of Smoked Tacos.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island corn

I loved the smokiness of these BBQ Corn of the Cobs.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island mains

I am not a fan of tacos though so I did not eat all mine apart from the beef which was highly spicy but melted in the mouth. My husband ate them all though and he said all three was cooked to perfection with a great smokiness coming through each dish. As you can see they were all presented nicely.

Then onto my favourite moment of any meal time dessert. This was a Fermented Pineapple it was warm and sweet with the the crumble giving it that nice added crunch.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island pineapple

It was now the end of the night and for all those that had worked out the mystery word to the booty we all received a piece of the treasure which was a piece of orange chocolate covered spiced pumpkin.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island pirate and treasure

Plus a book of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. This book was also being played out over the speakers in the head (toilet).

The Literary Hour Treasure Island me

Shiver me timbers

Literary Hour really did shiver me timbers as the whole evening was outstanding. I loved the way the whole place was decorated really making it feel like we had entered onto the decks on a ship and discovered a treasure island. Long John Silver added to the atmosphere with his antics and speeches throughout the night. The food was perfectly curated together giving it a real feel of what real sea dogs might have eaten on board using fermented and smoked food. Plus the staff were all so lovely and welcoming. It is a shame though to have discovered on the night that they may not be doing another supperclub for a while as their main chef is moving to Singapore for a year or so. I just wish I had visited other Literary Hour supperclubs before in the past as I would certainly return to another one of their immersive unique themed supperclubs if they ever have another.

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Thank you to WeFiFo and Literary Hour for the complimentary invite. I certainly will be looking at booking another supperclub via WeFiFo and attend another Literary Hour pop up. All views are my own honest opinion.

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