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There is a Copycat killer loose on the streets of London……….oh my!

It was up to me and others from the Love Pop Ups London community to help solve who the murderer or murderers are before they strike again.

We were cordially invited by COLAB Factory who have merged with Splutter Theatre to take on the killer Copycat.

Artistic Director Benedict Hudson worked with COLAB and Splutter Theatre to put on this unique immersive contemporary horror show which will place the audience inside their favourite movie drawing from inspiration from films such as Jigsaw, Saw and Se7en and on true crime cases.

Here is some more information about COLAB Factory, Splutter Theatre and their latest immersive show Copycat.

COLAB Factory

They are one of the UK’s accumulation most forward thinking immersive theatre makers.

Together they strive to create immersive theatre. Using the ethos of COLAB, they endeavour to make the best immersive theatre possible. They want to transport audiences into completely different worlds. They want COLAB Factory to be a wondrous place that’s full of many different experiences.

Splutter Theatre

Award nominated Splutter Theatre loves to create ground breaking, experimental theatrical experiences, that do not shy away from the grisly, the gory, and the downright terrifying.

Splutter Theatre have been nominated for several awards for their previous work, including Best Standalone Attraction from ScareAddicts UK. Splutter have also provided consultation on award winning immersive shows.


Copycat is an immersive horror show that will give audiences the chance to play detective to try and figure out who is murderer who is mimicking past serial killers signature kills.

This uniquely terrifying immersive show will put audiences right in the middle of all your favourite horror movies.

It will be up to audiences, sorry detectives, to help Anthony Larson figure out who kidnapped and killed his sister.

Was it the Copycat killer in who Anthony believes it was?

Inspired by true crime cases, Copycat is part murder mystery, part nerve jangling immersive horror show, part escape room.

Warning though show contains images of extreme violence, claustrophobic spaces, extreme tension, jump scares, flashing lights, and adrenaline pumping horror.

Walking in the steps of a Copycat

copycat co lab

Upon arriving we were greeted by Anthony Larson whom has been investigating a string of killings after the instance of his unfortunate sister who was kidnapped and murdered. He believes that the Copycat killer is the one who killed her.

With that said Anthony decided to take this case on and enlisted the help of us to try and solve and find out who the Copycat serial killer is?

Firstly we were told more about Copycat and then we discussed about past serial killers and the similarities which the Copycat murderer was potentially copying. We then were shown some articles, photos, witness statements and tape recordings in which Anthony had managed to gather together. Sifting through the evidence we had to try and piece all the clues together to try to narrow down suspects from the criminals on the pin board. So we all worked together sharing information amongst ourselves and we started to build up a clearer picture of who the suspects may be.

Upon narrowing down the suspects we were then led down to a basement to question one of the suspects which Anthony believes is the Copycat killer. Upon walking into the dimly lit room and seeing a blood soaked battered suspect this is when things started to get more intense. After questioning the suspect we then adventured through another door.

Fears, anxiety and tension now start to build up even more. With all of us huddling together close and no one wanting to be in the front or back the whole show takes a massive turn.
Darkness, flickering of lights, eerie noises and blood everywhere question is will you manage to come out alive?

We saved our souls ‘SOS’

Thankfully we managed to come out alive after experiencing a uniquely terrifying immersive experience which is certainly not one for the faint hearted as there are images of torture and sick games being played out before you. As this immersive show puts you in the middle of your worst horror movie as you try and solve the riddles and find the killer.

The whole game was an eye opener and really did get my heart pumping. I seriously did feel like I had just walked and survived some of the most classic horror movie scenes of all time. The only disappointing thing about this game was that the experience seemed to end quite abruptly with a man coming through a door saying we have done it.

However I loved this game and I highly recommend this heart pumping show.

Want to play a game?

If you love immersive shows, horror, games and escape rooms get booking.

The 90 minute show is on from 5 October to 11 November 2018.

Tickets cost £22.50

Click here to book.

Thank you to COLAB Factory for the invite. This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read the other community members blogs/reviews of COLAB Factory latest production Copycat. All their views are of their own honest opinions.

COLAB The Copycat


  1. George Christodoulakis says:

    Halloween time is already here! What a better way than to be immersed into this new play/escape room game from Copycat and CoLabFactory company. Attended this play just a few days ago and I had asbolute fun! #colab #copycat #immersive #horrorplay

  2. A group of us played the Copycat game recently and it was the first time I had played an escape room involving actors. I found the addition of the the actors changed the dynamic of the game quite a bit and it created another dimensions to proceedings. The actors were good and believable too. In terms of the game itself, it was really good and fairly terrifying at times – I was constantly on edge wondering if someone was going to jump out at me. However, I do think this could have been event better at the end as there was a great opportunity to make a lasting impacting and scare a group on edge even more. The game ended rather abruptly for me and I think more could have been done at the end, especially as we successfully escaped. All the elements are here for a great game, but it just need to go a little bit further. A couple more torches wouldn’t go amiss either.

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