It’s time to take down Neosight – The Grid

The other day I went along with some others of Love Pop Ups London community on a complimentary basis via founder Sebastian Lyall of Lollipop to take down Neosight at Lollipop’s latest interactive experience The Grid.

Who are Lollipop?

Lollipop are the creators of the amazing ABQ Bars, The Bletchley and The Bunyadi.

They love to bring highly interactive experiences which leaves a lasting impression.

They are innovated and produce traditional hospitality/entertainment through it’s marriage of immersive experiences and cutting edge functional venue designs.

The Grid

The Grid is a post-internet drinking den combining escape room experience with a cocktail making class.  This new immersive interactive experience was taken by inspiration from Charlie Brooker’s dystopian series.

Operatives (you) will join latest newest technology company called Neosight but undercover to take them down whilst solving codes, puzzles and sipping on cocktails.

Time to take down Neosight

Once we stepped into the headquarters of Neosight we was welcomed by staff members, we was given a uniform to wear each as we was joining Neosight as an employee after all but unbeknown to them we were sent secretly undercover to take them down.

The Grid us

Don’t we look fetching?

Who are Project Neosight?

A.I.D.A - Neosight

Project Neosight was set up in 2012. Their mission to make sure that the planet sustains the growth of population in the next 35-45 years via building tools which will help reduce the burden and become more efficient for the betterment of humans as a whole.

“A happy and healthy world is not a fairytale. All you need is a seed. Today’s seed is technology”

James Goodman, Founder

Neosight believes the world needs to be a place where machine learning becomes the heart of survival. They want to make humans to do the more intelligent work while machines can take the boring odd jobs. In an attempt to achieve this, they need to teach the machines how we think.

Mission was on

The Grid A.I.D.A

Upon entering the office of Neosight we sat at a monitor each along with a cocktail and had to take a questionnaire so the computer’s AI called A.I.D.A could analyse our personality amongst other things.

A.I.D.A also asked many other questions to try to get to know us each more like at one point she wanted a joke but none of us could think of one and I don’t think she was amused.

Plus during this time we made our first cocktail of the evening.

The Grid

The Grid Jamie


The Grid Ana

Ana De Jesus of Faded Springs

The Grid Katie

Katie Hughes of Whats Katie Doing

However things started to change and the A.I.D.A was taken over and it was now time to take down Neosight and save humanity and technology as we know it via cracking codes and solving puzzles all whilst working as a team.

The Grid take over


The Grid

Ana and Jamie cracking codes

The Grid team

Ladies of Love Pop Ups London and Design My Night cracking codes together

After we cracked the codes and saved humanity and technology we got to make our second final drink of the evening which we could choose between a Gin or Vodka based drink. However before making our cocktails we met Wayne who kept us entertained whilst serving our cocktail elements to make our final drink of the night.

The Grid Wayne

Bubbly Wayne

The Grid Cocktail time

Cocktail time

The Grid Gin and Katie

Katie making her Gin based drink

The Grid Ana and her cocktail

Ana and her Gin based drink

The Grid

Wayne pouring drinks for Design My Night ladies


The Grid Jamie and Design My Night ladies

I chose Vodka and it was amazing. I especially loved the foam bubbles which I created.

The Grid Vodka foam

Bubble time

The Grid Vodka tonic

Foam time

Thankfully we saved humanity technology and took down Neosight.


This is a fun challenging immersive game all served with a cocktail making experience.  So if you love escape rooms which involve code type puzzles you’ll love it.  The only thing I did not like about this escape type room is that we never got a time to work together like other escape rooms and no result at the end in how we done.

The cocktail element was fab I loved picking up the ice with forcipes and making edible alcoholic froth for my cocktail.  You get two cocktails in total and both tasted really nice.

Want to join go undercover and take down Neosight?

To book click here.

Entry costs £37 which includes 1h 30m experience and two cocktails (non-alcoholic options are available)


Thank you Lollipop for signing some of us of Love Pop Ups London up for the mission The Grid to take down Neosight.  This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

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The Grid


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